So about the Apple Watch…

Unless you’ve been living under a Rock you’ve probably heard about Apple’s latest product — the Apple Watch. To save you the trouble of having to watch the entire keynote, this post highlights the most salient features of the watch.

The Apple Watch is not just a glorified time keeper; it is essentially a wearable personal computer. Through some rather innovative design, Apple has provided its watch with a complete suite of apps: ranging from the humble stopwatch app to the intelligent Activity app that automatically tracks your daily physical activity.

Along with a touch surface, Apple has provided a ‘Digital Crown’ somewhat reminiscent of the iPod click-wheel to help users interact with the watch. The watch also responds to voice commands.

The Apple Watch — a computer on your wrist

Despite these input features, it would still be cumbersome to use the watch for writing long messages/content. However, viewing pictures, messages and your calendar with a slight turn of your wrist is certainly convenient.

The most useful feature of the watch is probably its (hopefully) seamless integration with your iPhone. You will be able to receive calls and notifications without having to pull your phone out of your pocket (oh! the amount of physical labor saved).

Needless to say, the Apple Watch, which comes in stainless steel, aluminum or 18K gold, isn’t exactly affordable ($349).

Lastly, as Apple repeatedly mentioned on its website: this is their most personal device yet. After all, you will be wearing it all day long. While this might seem great news for all the tech lovers out there, it is also somewhat scary. Gadgets and technology occupy so much of our time that the addition of a watch to the device arsenal might seem to some a bit excessive.

But, like all things technology, the final decision is yours. Just consider: do you really want to talk to Siri while in the shower?

For more info, check out this very detailed video.

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