A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: WIB presents WhatWeWearWhere


Wear Where will you be tonight? Join Brown Women in Business (WIB) at 8 p.m. in Kassar for an event hosted by a mother-daughter duo. Kelley Harrison ’13 and her mother, Kathy, co-founded the fashion app and wardrobe guide WhatWeWearWhere!

Wait, what does your startup WhatWeWearWhere do? Basically, it’s an Instagram for those who never know what to wear, curated by those who always know what to wear.

WhatWeWearWhere allows you to see what people are actually wearing at different colleges, workplaces, restaurants, and events and where they bought their outfits. Yeah, you can even see what people wear to The Whiskey Republic because, well, you probably forgot. More popular categories include “Brown University,” “financial analyst,” “charity event,” “wedding,” and “4th of July.” If you’re really struggling, there’s even an “at home” category. Basically, anyone can share photos of their unique style and see what others are wearing.

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There’s an app for that: Shots iGot


Helping you pregame like a pro.

For all you “sneaky booze drinkers” who are of age—as HuffPo would call you—Shots iGot is the new must-have app. As all college students firmly believe that VitaminWater/Gatorade/Coke bottles are the new martini glasses, your classiest nights have probably involved an unknown amount of liquor poured into one of these elegant containers. Then, after adding the perfect amount of meal-swiped Nantucket Nectars and Poland Springs like the pro-mixologist you are, you have concocted an excellent surprise-themed drink, allowing you and your friends to play the party classic Pass-the-Bottle-and-Don’t-Gag.

Enter Shots iGot: For a mere $1.99, you can choose from 44 container types, swipe your finger to indicate how much liquor you poured in, and discover just how many shots are actually in that water bottle. You can also start with a bottle that is half full of mixer and add liquor—just a touch-screen away from smart drinking. I know, Keeney bathrooms are about get so much less disgusting. Know your limits people; you want to try and avoid using our vom-embarassment spectrum.

This, by the way, is an app for college students made by college students. The three Rutgers and Princeton students have gone on to found their own startup aptly named Something With Flow. While a jealous part of me is mildly irritated that every third college student you hear about these days has his/her own startup (Brown students included), I can appreciate the effort make drinking safer, one iPhone at a time.

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The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Clearing your (study) schedule

The worst Spring Weekends are those when you have to work and/or study while you friends are slip ‘n’ sliding their way down Wriston…so GIT ER’ DUN.

With gFlash+ (Apple / Android), you have access to a huge bank of flashcards and you get to make your own in Google Docs. They sync wirelessly to your phone, so all you have to do is type in the question and answer and get learnin’. Although it’s not the best looking app, it’s by far the best free one!

Once you clear out next week’s studying, make sure you also study for exams the week after – there’s really nothing worse than trying to get yourself awake and out of bed after a full weekend of debauchery.

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DrawSomething: Brown Edition

If you own a smartphone, you may have already fallen for the most addicting craze since Words with Friends. DrawSomething, a Pictionary-like game, has recently developed a cult following, with amateurs and artists alike bonding over the beauty of collaborative play.

We three bloggers thought it would be fun to interpret Brown through doodles, using DrawSomething as our artistic medium. For a week, we challenged each other to depict Brunonia-related words using the limited DrawSomething palette (hey, not all of us have enough coins for all those color expansion packs). We now present to you the fruits of our labor: a series of drawings, ranked from Easy to RISD, of what Brown looks like on DrawSomething:



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12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Getting ready

Everyone knows Spring Weekend is a marathon, not a sprint…So get ready like you’re running one!

With free Endomondo (iTunes / Android / Blackberry / Windows), you get an awesome-looking app that can sync to Facebook (for impressing your friends), cue your workout playlist, track calories burned and even map your run if you upgrade to the $4 version.

Get a few miles in before next week starts, and you’ll be ready to power through the concerts and ensuing parties like nobody’s business. Run a few extra miles after that, and you may want to consider the upcoming Providence half-marathon…It’s all about the stamina.

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