There’s an app for that: Brown Facades


You probably didn’t read about this app in the Herald last week, but here is BlogDailyHerald’s official endorsement of Professor Dietrich Neumann’s pet tech project. Way back in the fall in 2011, Neumann taught an undergraduate research seminar in which students collected information about our very own beloved (and in the case of SciLi, tolerated) Brown buildings. The app contains historical and architectural factoids about 131 buildings on campus, and this adorable map that has emoji-like images categorizing said buildings.

It is actually very exciting to be able to answer questions as ubiquitously asked as “Why is the SciLi so ugly?” Apparently, the building was designed in the “Brutalist” architectural style, popular in the 1960s and 70s. It’s just representative of yet another bad trend of decades past, like a picture of your mom and all her friends with ill-suited perms aplenty. Fun fact: the architects actually suggested building the library in pink marble, just so it’d be slightly cuter, but of course the corporation rejected the idea. Bureaucracy!!

Other aha moments:

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Granny’s so metal: Granoff wins architecture awards

Metalmag has joined the New York Times in giving mad props (but sadly no medal) to the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. The 38,815-square-foot, three-story art house recently won a 2012 Metalmag Architectural Award in the Metal Buildings category for its overall design and innovative use of metal—in particular, its eye-catching pleated zinc skin.

Quoth a jurist on the starchitecture: “This is not only the best metal building, this is the best entry period […] It creates a new architecture.” And another: “You look at it, you look at it again, and you keep staring at it […] you’re left scratching your head as to how you can possibly do this with metal.”

MetalArchitecture also granted it a 2012 Design Award (Judges Award) this summer, citing the “quiet simplicity to the massing.” Yeah, whatever that means.

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