Know your Lecture Board Fall Speaker Poll candidates: Arianna Huffington


Born in Greece, educated in the United Kingdom and nowadays often featured prominently in lists of the most influential women in media, Arianna Huffington has a long list of accomplishments to her name. Perhaps her best known feat is her role in the founding of The Huffington Post, a liberal news outlet that combines both news aggregate and blogging elements. Although AOL purchased the site in 2011, Huffington stayed on as editor-in-chief, managing the Post to a Pulitzer Prize win in 2012.

Almost as intriguing as Ms. Huffington’s professional career is her political history; she has identified as both conservative and liberal at varying points in her decades-long career as both journalist and entrepreneur. (Ed — any good Californian knows she also opposed Terminator for governor in the 2003 recall.) This unique view of both sides of the political spectrum, coupled with her groundbreaking work in digital media, make Arianna Huffington a fantastic and informative candidate for Fall Speaker, Sir Ian’s peerless cool notwithstanding.

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