PollerBears: Midterm Edition

“No amigos, this is not a hat, I am absorbing knowledge through osmosis. Whoaaaaa I need to sleep, hahaha!”

The semester’s honeymoon period is officially over. You’ve spent enough time in class that most professors think you deserve to be tested on it. So, paper prompts come out. Review sessions light the midnight lamps. TAs begin the long, arduous journey towards conquering your panic attacks and begin to curse the day they told 20 freshman they could “email at any time if you have questions.” We’re all in the same position, although some of us more than others (we know all about your tearful attempts to reserve a carrel in the SciLi for the whole month of October, don’t try to hide). Extricate yourself from the mental waterboarding for a sec and let us know how deep you’ve sunk into the mire that is midterm season.

We're all neck-deep in midterms. What's your current level of inhumanity?

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