Art School(ed): Aesthetes and athletes, art and basketball


2014 has been a big year for basketball thus far. Just yesterday, BlogDailyHerald got you thoroughly jazzed for the CIT (not the building). In February, a new commissioner graced the National Basketball Association with his presence. Legend Bill Russell turned 80. 2 Chainz and some other guys had a swell time at NBA All Star Weekend in New Orleans. While none of you were watching, the RISD Balls creamed Cooper Union 56-52 in the (first ever) Art School Championship. (As they say, when the heat is on, the balls stick together.) This past Selection Sunday riveted fans once again, and Barack Obama is working hard on his bracket because he has motives this year. In the apparel department (no, not that one), NBA players and fans have been grumbling about the new sleeved jerseys for months. This season, Brown Bears women’s basketball finished with a solid overall record of 10-18, getting one more W (and one fewer L) than they did last season. Of course, the most important ballin’ has yet to come: the Harlem Globetrotters will be making a pit stop in continuing their “Fans Rule” World Tour in Providence on March 28th. I feel faint. 

If all this talk about ball(s) is revving up your creative engines, you’re not alone. It’s tough to study for your History of Ancient Greece midterm when all you can think about is how much you want to express yourself and your love for the game, and we certainly can’t spend all of our time waiting around and hoping that Shaquille O’Neal will guest-curate the next show at the RISD Museum.

Alas, if you’re feeling inspired by the saffron glow of Spalding, whip out your painting palette splattered with all of the colors of Dennis Rodman’s hair, and check out these artists who have been in your size 23, Shaq Attaq shoes, after the JUMPKazaam!

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How I got my swag back: the Mid-Year Activities Fair

So. Many. Flyers.

So. Many. Flyers.

The Mid-Year Activities Fair does not get a lot of publicity. It makes sense, because joining a new extra curricular second semester is usually reserved for frosh and the upperclassmen who are having existential crises because they just broke up with their old extracurriculars and want to fill the void with new ones. For me, however, any gathering of trifold posters and free pens is a perfect excuse to snag goodies. I will confess that I had no intention of picking up any new hobbies. My goal (like always) was to steal shit that was already being given away, and get my mojo back.

aerial arts 2

This year’s fair was in Alumnae Hall, which was a bit awkward, because the last time I was in there was for SPG. Even more awkward, Aerial Arts was doing a demonstration on the stage… which they also did at SPG. Did someone mistake this for Throwback Thursday? Slightly disappointed by the lack of lingerie the students around me were wearing, I took the plunge into the equally sweaty and far less sexual mob. Let’s take a look at my haul:

Tech House: With a table covered in a Settler’s of Catan board and Nintendo 64 Cartridges, tech house had a very inviting setup. They had no freebies to give me, but I settled for the implied offer that I can come by and play drunk Pokemon later this semester.

That an axe is an heirloom, not even kidding.

That axe is an heirloom, not even kidding.

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Ra Ra Brunonia: Athletic Rivalries

Let’s settle it up front — Brown is not the most spirited when it comes to athletics. While we do hold claim to the fourth largest intercollegiate athletics program in the county, our Tide most certainly does not Roll and our Jayhawk does not Rock Chalk. For many students, football under the lights may be the only interaction they have with Brown athletics.

Interestingly enough, this distant relationship with sports at Brown was not always the case. In the late 19th century, students were so fixated on (and seemingly distracted by) intercollegiate sport at Brown that President Alexis Caswell responded by stating, “The College is…losing scholarship by the very interest…in boating and baseball.  Boating and baseball, that’s what Rhode Island does. There was an undeniable sense of excitement surrounding athletics at Brown and a distinct feeling of competitiveness with its rivals.

Though many readers may not be familiar with the intricacies of college sport, we can all agree on one thing: Yale Princeton Penn Cornell Columbia Dartmouth Harvard sucks. We’ve come to appreciate it, it’s literally a fact of life. Yeah they might have the largest endowment in the world and educated seven U.S. presidents, but seriously, did Rutherford ‘Big Shot’ Hayes ever accomplish anything?! (He did.) Continue Reading

Brunonians going for the gold

The London 2012 Olympics kick off tonight with a Shakespeare-inspired, Danny Boyle-directed spectacle. Some of y’all might have already made plans to watch the Opening Ceremony and drool over Ryan Lochte, but here’s another reason to tune in: two Brunonians will be reppin’ our school in London this summer. Craig Kinsley ’11 is a javelin thrower for the U.S. track and field team, and Nikola Stojic ’97 will be making his fourth appearance at the Olympics as a member of Serbia’s men’s rowing team.

We wish them both luck in their respective events! As for the rest of us

A Thousand Words: Inside the new fitness and aquatics center!

Can’t wait to take a peek inside the new fitness and aquatics center? We took a tour yesterday, so we’ve got you covered!

The building has three components: the Katherine Moran Coleman Aquatics Center, the Nelson Fitness Center, and the David J. Zucconi ’55 Varsity Strength and Conditioning Center. See today’s Herald for more information.

Thanks to Project Manager John Cooke for the tour. Photos by Emily Gilbert.

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