Eight great AWKWARD Family Weekend scenarios

Courtesy of Awkward Family Photos

Let’s face it, the merging of your college life and family culture can often times result in catastrophe.  Here are a few situations that we recommend you try to steer clear of, if possible:

  1. Dad attempts to speak to your Hispanic roommate in broken and insultingly horrific Spanish. Awkwardo.
  2. Mom sports a fanny pack and insists to refer to huge campus map while walking around. Classic.
  3. At dinner (if Asian restaurant = wokward), you and your family wind up sitting next to the family of someone with whom you have a sexual history. Cockward.
  4. If you’re a guy: family member finds a sticky remnant of a lonely night. Sockward.
  5. Your pre-teen brother/sister (what a punk) changes your Facebook status to something personal and embarrassing. Social Netwarkward.
  6. Dad finds your piece. Game.
  7. Mom finds a used condom while making your bed. Set.
  8. Younger sibling sees the used condom that Mom discovers. Match.


Prepare properly for the arrival of your family. If, however, your family doesn’t love you and will not be here this weekend, be on the lookout for these awkward episodes all over campus and relish them.