A Valentine’s Day date guide inspired by ‘The Bachelor’

(BlogDH) Bachelor

Every year, it seems like a chosen few people get to go on dates on Valentine’s Day. The rest of us get to be single, miserable, and alone Independent Men and Women a la Destiny’s Child. If this year, however, you’re among The Chosen Ones, you’re going to want to make that date really special. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day. People have expectations. Hallmark and Valentine’s Day (that knock-off of Love Actually that came out three years ago) have taught us that Love will always come in the form of chocolates, roses, and grand romantic gestures that somehow involve Taylor Swift and abstinence.

I learned love from somewhere more realistic: reality TV. Specifically, the classic dating show: The Bachelor, which is currently on its 17th season of Love. So for you first-time Valentine’s Day daters (or chronic daters who are looking to spice things up), here are my dating tips for you:

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