Frosh-cessities: Appropriate question length

by Jason Hu

I’m not an overweight brunette woman. I have not had an extensive career in Nickelodeon programming. And no, I have not gotten hammered with the guys in Workaholics. In short, I’m no Lori Beth Denberg. But I do have some vital information.

Everyday, you will confront a class in which you, or the more attentive among you, will participate. A quick answer to a short question is always a good way to show the professor you care about looking like you care. A brief question during a history teacher’s class ending Q&A session is also perfectly fine. But, when you begin your sentence with “Steven Jay Gould would disagree with Plato on this point…” in your intro philosophy class, you might as well put a “kick me” sign on your back.

The chart above shows accurate data, collected for Econometrics I by someone who decided to vagabond it. One last note: Econ is a bell curve because…everything in Econ is a bell curve. Yes, high school class valedictorian, even your grades in Principles.