12 Days of Spring Weekend: A very important message from Dave Binder

Dave Binder is a Brunonian legend and a good friend of BlogDailyHerald. Coming on his 28th year performing during Brown’s Spring Weekend festivities, he’s practically royalty. So when we touched base with him and asked if there was anything he wanted to share with the very Brown students who will be bowing at his feet on Sunday afternoon, he told us to relay this exclusive and important message to you all.

Happy Spring Week! Trust the process, and you’ll be sure to have the time of your life.


(To newbies/freshmen: read up on Dave Binder here.)

Dave Binder has a new promo video and it’s amazing

Dave Binder, legendary Brown Spring Weekend performer and BlogDH superfan, has videotaped one of his most recent performances in Florida—”an evening of great interpretations of great singer songwriters”—and put it on YouTube for the world to enjoy. The backdrop is no Wriston Quad, but the way he covers his usual favorites, such as Van Morrison, Jimmy Buffett, The Eagles, and James Taylor, among others, is completely familiar. If he’s selling paradise, the combination of palm trees, acoustic guitar, and “Margaritaville” sure do the trick. But we also think taping and sharing a Sunday Binder Spring Weekend performance would have equally done the job, too—nothing screams paradise like sunshine, song, and dance on Wriston Quad.

But seriously, when is Halloweekend?

What a warm, nutmeg-filled burden we bear

When is Halloweekend?

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With the 31st falling on a Wednesday this year, all of Brunonia is confused as to which set of days truly counts as Halloweekend. We’re already having our heads split in two by midterms, so the last thing we need to worry about is which Friday night will be the Friday night we break out our set of prosthetic feet and ears and become the first hobbit to do kegstands on top of the statue of Marcus Aurelius. Can’t decide on a weekend to live large?  Friends, we must resolve this issue. Before you let us know when you think Halloween should be, let’s open it up for discussion.

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Dave Binder’s full of women

On Tuesday night, you watched the shit show that was the second presidential debate. You’ve done your job, and now, once again, it’s time to do ours.

Hall of Fame:

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