6 reasons why reading period is a (non-denominational) religious holiday in disguise

Brown students aren’t known for being particularly religious (although students definitely adhere to the Church of Whisko or the Gospel of CFF). But as finals come upon us, and we rummage up those crumpled notes beneath the Natty cans, Brunonians become downright spiritual.

How does reading period bring out the convert in all of us? Let me count the ways:

1. Everyone says that they “observe reading period.”

There are many things we can observe in life. Stars. A drunken brawl. That cute boy in class through binoculars from behind the bushes at midnight. But there are only two ways to observe an extended period of time: Do it religiously, or transcend time and space (in which case, you might stand a chance in PHYS0160. Maybe).

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