The Rib re-launches, and it’s funnier than ever

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Women (yeah, you heard me, women) can be hilarious, too. Since people like the executives at CBS fail to acknowledge it, some ladies have taken matters into their own hands. Enter Brown’s female-penned comedy blog The Rib.

In the spirit of comedy-writing heavyweights like Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling, the site’s writers and editors — including brilliant BlogDH staff writers Sydney Mondry ’15, Hannah Pasternak ’17, and Caitlin Dorman ’16— are covering everything from misfortunate hook-ups to yogurt. Founded by a couple of jet-setting gals back in 2011, The Rib set out to give the world a dose of funny with a feminine twist. Named as a jab at the “rib” God supposedly borrowed from Adam to make Eve, The Rib is bringing female comedy back into the conversation with its re-launch. With a great mix of writers spanning class years and comedic styles, The Rib is offering a fresh take on some of the most important topics and it’s hilarious. But, hey, why listen to me? I’m only a woman.

If you’re interested in writing for (or just talking about how much you love) The Rib, email

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Obsidian: An interview with the new magazine’s creators

Described by the creators as “a new online literary and visual space to showcase the creativity and experiences of people of the African diaspora specifically at Brown,” Brown’s Obsidian Magazine launches on today at 7:00 p.m. The launch will include five or six submissions on their website. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. They are looking for both fiction and non-fiction, cultural analysis, thoughts on current events, photography, video, audio. As co-creator Paige Morris ’16 put it, “Any way a person can think of expressing a thought they have related to black identities.”


With the launch around the corner, BlogDH sat down the Maya Finoh ’17, Morris and Jasmin Jones ’17, Obsidian’s creators and editors, to discuss their goals for the Brown’s newest publication.  

BlogDH: What inspired you to start Obsidian?

Maya: Coming to Brown, I didn’t really feel there was any literary space for people of the African diaspora, a specific space that’s safe and intersectional and open. I was like, let’s do this. If no one else is going to do it, we will.

Paige: I’m a sophomore, so as long as I’ve been here, I definitely haven’t seen a literary presence on campus for black students in particular. I know before I came here there was the African Sun, which is not really a thing anymore. I think our mission was not just to resurrect that space; it was also to create our own, new space that is dealing with all facets of the black identity.

Jasmin: My main concern is black femininity and black women. I think the voices of black women aren’t really recognized a lot on Brown’s campus, or anywhere for that matter, so I thought Obsidian would be a great outlet for that flow through.

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Pub Crawl: Fashionably Great Unhemmed Magazine

Don’t call them “fashionistas,” but they own mad style. April Zhang ’13 and MJ Batson ’13 are the founding Editors-in-Chief of Unhemmed, Brown’s online fashion style magazine. We had the opportunity to have a conversation with the bubbly pair and share some laughs before yesterday’s new issue  and website redesign(!) launch.  Unhemmed has collaborated with Blog before for Street Style, so we were thrilled to feature them this week on Pub Crawl (formerly Blog on Pubs).

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Pub Crawl: The classy Critical Review

Blog on Pubs debuts this semester with a significantly cooler (and punnier) name: Pub Crawl. At Brown there is, if you haven’t noticed, a healthy abundance of student publications. While you’re already reading one of the very best, this series aims to highlight other noteworthy pubs that may have otherwise escaped your valuable attention. (Email if you’d like your current student pub featured!) 

Still deciding between that hyped-up lecture and that apparently interesting but obscure seminar? During shopping period, you might feel overwhelmed by the tyranny of choice. Sure, you can turn to faculty/peer advisers, friends, crowd-sourcing comparison on Best of Brown (launched last semester and since updated), rando-stalking, or a Magic 8-Ball, but when it comes to real talk re: profs and assignments, first-years will quickly realize and Brown returnees should know by now that nothing beats Critical Review.

Since 1976, CR has compiled anonymous student responses to questionnaires distributed in participating classes at the end of each semester. It’s basically Zagat for Brown academics. Conveniently, you can search the site for courses and/or instructors, which is handy when you want to try out different sections. The written review covers curricular content, prereqs, teaching style, workload, and suggestions to shoppers based on collective opinion. Continue Reading

Blog on Pubs: The RIB

Heard of The RIB? If you haven’t heard of it before, you have now — and you’ll no doubt hear more about these girls in the future as they make waves in the world of comedy. Started earlier this year, The RIB was created by a handful of girls who decided one spring morning that Brown needed a female comedy group. Their blog, which launched this summer “after the girls had synchronized all of their cycles and participated in exactly 17 semi-nude pillow fights,” is regularly updated with diverse content ranging from humorous musings on men and periods to anguished pleas for men to “nut up” and talk to their crushes. You don’t have to be a GNSS concentrator or an avid Sexction reader to get lost in this wondrous world of female comedy (perfect study break for finals?).

BlogDailyHerald tracked down three writers for The RIB, Samantha Williams ’12, Emily Spinner ’14 and Maria Luisa Acabado ’13, in order to learn more about the pub and the women behind it. Continue Reading

Blog on Pubs: Clerestory

by Cayman Robson

Occasionally, BlogDH will reach out to other Brown publications and ask them to publish a short preview of their upcoming issues as a means of showcasing their awesomeness.  Here we have a sampling from this semester’s issue of Clerestory Journal of the Arts.  The journal is having a release party tonight from 8-10pm in Machado Lounge (87 Prospect), so head over to grab a journal, listen to some music, watch some videos and hang out with some of the featured artists.

From Emma Janaskie ’13, one of the editors:

Here are the basics: Clerestory Journal of the Arts is College Hill’s oldest arts publication. We publish Brown and RISD undergraduate student work in poetry, prose, visual art, video art and music semesterly and are always looking for ways to push the envelope both in terms of what and how we can feature student work and cultivate an arts community for Brown and RISD undergrads.  The aim of Clerestory isn’t just to put out a publication every semester: we want to get students talking about what they like, why they like it and what and how they want to see their work and their peers’ work presented to the larger College Hill artistic community. The journal is, for us, a manifestation of that particular semester’s dialogue between Brown and RISD students. At the close of each semester, we host a release party to call together the arts community on College Hill. Student artwork hangs on the walls, writers read their work, musicians perform their music and video installations loop as we sit and chat about the semester’s debates and discussions over homemade goodies and wine.

Preview two more works from this semester’s edition of Clerestory after the jump.  Continue Reading