Weather you like it or not: Your Hurricane Sandy update

Hurricane Sandy is raining on something worse than a parade: Halloweek.

After attempts to downplay the University’s email alert and incessant nagging from our parents that we buy a flashlight, we may have to come to terms with Frankenstorm.

“What we don’t want is for people to think that because the storm is hitting New Jersey, we are safe [in Rhode Island]. That’s just not true,” said Bill Simmons, a spokesperson for The National Weather Service, in an article in The Providence Journal.

Starting Sunday evening, Rhode Island will be hit with a 10- to 12-hour period of strong winds, and rainfall is predicted at around one or two inches, according to Simmons. Flooding is also likely because the storm will knock the leaves off of trees, causing drainage problems. I bet you’re no longer thinking that fall in New England and colorful leaves are that awesome.

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