Blorgchiving: Things We’re Thankful For

Herald editorial, from 20 years ago (Tues, Nov. 26, 1991):

Blorgchiving: Trick-or-treating no more?

“It used to be that children could go out safely on Halloween, dressed up as whatever they wanted, and collect a lot of candy from many people,” but the tradition of trick-or-treating may be a thing of the past … at least according to The Herald 20 years ago.

The Brown Daily Herald, Nov. 1, 1991

In many neighborhoods, the kids will not just wander through each street, as now they are only permitted to go to houses of people they know. All of the candy they receive has to be checked by their parents, most of which may be considered unsafe.

In some communities, including suburbs of New York and Boston, hospitals offer free x-raying of all candy in order to detect razor blades and other metal that might have been put into the candy. Rhode Island Hospital offered this service a few years ago, but it was discontinued because of lack of response and the hospital’s feeling that they were providing a false safety net for the community.

Twenty years later, we seem to be doing pretty well.

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Breaking Herald news update: Simmons recommends against restoring ROTC

President Simmons released a letter to the community today recommending against restoring the ROTC program on Brown’s campus. This position comes after the release of a June 30, 2011 report by the Committee on ROTC which recommended reconsidering the complete ban of ROTC. The report specifically suggested that the University reach out to the Department of Defense to expand currently available off-campus ROTC opportunities for students. Find the full text of Ruth’s letter here, and check out the Herald website for full in-depth coverage.

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Sunday morning Blorgchiving: Geraldine Ferraro

Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman nominated as a candidate on a major party’s presidential ticket, passed away yesterday at the age of 75.  Two years after her unsuccessful vice-presidential bid, Ferraro visited Brown to speak about women in politics, and sat down with the Herald for a brief interview.  Click on the images to view full size:

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Sunday Morning Blorgchiving: Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree

“I’m so smart, I’m smarter than me.”- Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable

Blorgchiving: When FishCo sold fish!

From the March 8, 1985 Brown Daily Herald

Dearly departed,
when did stripper poles replace
all the choice seafood?