BlogDH Exclusive: Interview with ‘The Blue Room Door-Breaker’


As BlogDH has noted in the past, doors are not Brown’s strong suit. But their infamy rose by 100000% last night, when a frustrated and hungry student, Anthony Kanellopoulos ’16, accidentally shattered one of the Blue Room’s glass doors. A gracious and good-humored Kanellopoulos agreed to sit down with Blog—in the Blue Room itself—to tell us his story.

BlogDailyHerald: Alright, so, we’ll start with this–you are in fact the person who broke the Blue Room door?
Kanellopoulos: Just one door.

BlogDH: Okay, just one door.
K: Um, how about you don’t shout?

BlogDH: [Laughs] Alright. So give us a play-by-play.
K: I was about to leave the Blue Room. I was inside, and it was closing. I was about to step out. And the girl at the counter says to use the other door. So I’m like, “OK, I’ll use the other door.” The glass doors are almost closed, so I’m like, “I might as well shut these and go through the other side.” So I grab it to close it, and the moment I just pull it a little bit [mimes an explosion] that happens.

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