Let the cursing of Coachella continue!

It’s that time of year again.  In case you haven’t seen it on your news feed yet, the official Coachella lineup has been released.  And if you missed the smaller print (I did the first time), Childish Gambino’s on it.  While you lament the unavailability of Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, Florence + the Machine and the like, feel free to indulge in a guilt-free “we win!” moment: the Black Keys and Snoop Dogg both played Spring Weekend ’10 (and Santigold graced the Main Green in ’09) prior to their headlining gigs.

Now, all that’s left for us is to do is cross our fingers and hope for a Christmas Holiday BCA miracle – Mumford & Sons and Kid Cudi, the top two results of BCA’s poll, are absent from the lineup. If all else fails, BlueIvy Carter for Spring Weekend 2012, anyone?

You can check the full poster after the jump (assuming you haven’t already seen it all over Facebook). Continue Reading

Let the cursing of Coachella commence!

“Cool” new artist Azealia Banks confirmed via her twitter that she will be performing at this year’s Coachella Music Festival, which, for the second year in a row, overlaps with Spring Weekend. The festival posted her fantastic video for “212” (above) on its Facebook page, along with a video of Providence native araabMUZIK, presumably confirming the two of them as not-Spring-Weekend-performers.

Even though the line-up likely won’t be released for a few weeks, the nerds journalists at Consequence of Sound pored over tour schedules and came up with a running list of likely performers, and it is not looking good for us.  You can see their full list (with evidence!) here, but some highlights (lowlights?) of the projections include Childish Gambino (sorry all), Danny Brown, ASAP Rocky, Justice, M83, Radiohead (obviously), and No Doubt (ed. we had no chance, but how fantastic would that have been?). Ugh. There is still a chance that the two-weekend festival’s lineup will leave some coveted artists available to make the trek to Providence, so here’s to hoping.

Check back in with us once the full line-up is released for another round of bitching and, based on the remaining field, our best shot at predicting the line-up.  Godspeed BCA…