New Ratty bowls blow minds, other Ratty containers still suck

The newly introduced experimental concept of “bowl that holds non-negligible amounts of food/drink”

“Bowls” in the Ratty: We all know them. We all hate them. Until now (now being like a week ago, but I’d say that’s a pretty fair turnaround on getting a post written and published). For the longest time, a FlogDailyHerald piece on the offensively bad design of the Ratty bowls, which were probably the greatest problem confronting Brown and/or humanity in the past 30 or so years, had been gestating, gathering steam, being meticulously edited, scheduled for release at the perfect time, positioned to change our understanding of tableware/life as we know it… vaguely discussed every so often. Well, no need anymore. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Brown UCS, the Ratty now features bowls that hold more than half a ladleful of soup. The significance of this development can’t be put into words, but if we did put it into words, the words would be “life-changing,” “globally important,” and “infinitely better.”

UNFORTUNATELY, there is much work left to be done. For one, the mug size at the very Sharpe Refectory now boasting improved bowls has inexplicably plummeted, and the hot chocolate machine has been spotted failing to produce hot chocolate on multiple occasions. More importantly, the plastic cups remain fun-sized versions of the V-Dub’s big boy cups, because apparently mass-ordering normal cups became too expensive halfway through and we decided to downgrade so we could preserve funds to operate the SciLi during a blizzard do, uh, whatever it is we do with our funds. So, yeah, good work, Ratty-bowl-changers. Now fix our mugs and cups.

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