Start laughing along with Comedy Central’s Broad City


I know you’re probably thinking: “I just finished House of CardsI can’t take on a new show in my life right now.” But trust me, Comedy Central’s new comedy series Broad City will have you laughing out loud and waiting for another week of hilarious New York City adventures.

It began as a comedy web series on YouTube by Upright Citizen Brigade performers, and real life best friends, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. The story goes that after auditioning  for many of UCB’s house improv teams and not getting in, the duo went off and created the alt-comedy gem that is Broad City. The YouTube series has two seasons with each episode usually lasting about five minutes. Each video brings to life a minuscule moment in the pair’s existence, focusing on issues as random as their moms thinking they’re lesbians, dating a guy for laundry privileges, or an afternoon of people watching.

The television show is about Abbi and Ilana just trying to get by in New York City. While it has been compared to Girls, it takes a more optimistic look into the life of a 20something. For example, in last week’s, episode Ilana loses the key to her apartment, and, after calling a sketchy locksmith, they ask him to open the neighbor’s door for fear of him returning to their home. The neighbors arrive to find Abbi and Ilana in their apartment and proceed to mace them, thinking they’re intruders. The girls then live life on the streets, literally homeless. If this were an episode of Girls, Marnie and Hannah would sit on the stoop and talk about how bleak their lives are if they can’t even get into their home. Broad City looks at the struggles of life as opportunities for adventure. 

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