Alums who do cool things: Brian Cross ’12

Brian Cross ’12 is indeed an alum who does cool things. Making a debut on Broadway in Sharr White’s new play “The Snow Geese,” Cross plays Arnold Gaesling, a sensible young man in the mid-1910s who tries to get his family to come to terms with its crippling financial situation: “I wish we could all just speak plainly for once,” he says. As the family realizes the debt left behind by Arnold’s late, well-respected father, it undergoes a rude divestment of a life of privilege. He performed a monologue for the New York Times’ “In Performance” series, below:

“It’s a complete blessing to go to the theatre everyday,” Cross says. “Even if this is the last acting job I ever have, I can say with confidence that ‘The Snow Geese’ has changed my life.” We expect big things from Cross.