TV Talk: ‘The Mindy Project’ and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

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With all the shows on TV right now, it’s hard to know which ones are worth watching. Maybe you need help from someone who watches all most of them (I have a life…). Welcome to TV Talk, a column recapping the best and worst episodes of the week. Obviously, this will be based entirely on my opinion. Also obviously, my opinion is always correct and everything you read for here on out can be taken as fact.

Best: The Mindy Project, “The Other Dr. L”


Unfortunately, saying The Mindy Project was the most enjoyable show on tv this week reflects far less on the quality of this episode than it does the fact that New Girl and It’s Always Sunny had off weeks. That said, much happened this week in the life of Dr. Mindy Lahiri that is worth discussing.

The episode opened with Mindy Skyping with her fiance, Anders (yeah, yeah, I know he has a different name on this show, but he’s Anders). Mindy attempts to entertain him by recreating the Whipped Cream bikini from Varsity Blues. It was like watching someone else watch a show on their computer as I watched them in the show on my computer… i.e. incredibly meta. But instead, she ends up creating a tasteful one-piece. The best part of this scene was the realization that, thanks to the technology of the 21st century, even when your character’s favorite boyfriend leaves the country, you can still see him on her computer and it’s almost just as good. NOTE: This does not apply to real long-distance relationships.

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