Brown A-Z (Part III): Pacifica House to ZipCars!

University Hall

Welcome to the third and final installment of our serialization of Post- Magazine‘s Brown A-Z.  In here we have some vital terms for freshmen defined such as S/NC, UCS, and most importantly sexile (sex+exile=sexile).  Once again, if anyone can think of any terms we missed, or any corrections to our list (we aren’t perfect), just post them in the comment section.  Enjoy!

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Brown A-Z (Part II): The Gate to The OSL!

Bears can dress up too yo...

Todays installment of Brown A-Z features some more useful tidbits of information for those of amongst us who are new to the PVD.  On the food front we have The Gate (essential for Pembrookites), Jo’s (essential for Perkinites), Loui’s (essential for every person on this campus), and the super delicious Magic Bars at the Ratty.  Today’s list also features Lincoln Field, the site of the September 18th Big Boi extravaganza.  Enjoy!

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Brown A-Z (Part I): A Capella to the Front Green!

As an incoming freshman last year, I found it incredibly difficult to learn all of the names and terms used to refer to everything in Brunonia, and often found myself wondering who Dave Binder was or why naked people were handing me doughnuts.  Thankfully, our friends at Post- Magazine compiled an essential list of terms necessary for any Brown student to know to survive.  As we enter into our first weekend of the school year, we figured we would post the A-Z list in three parts, A-F today, G-O tomorrow, and P-Z on Sunday.  If any one can think of any terms we left off, please feel free to add them in the comments.  So enjoy, because this is likely the only list of terms you will be given without a subsequent test.

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