A cappella on a cappella this weekend

1238827_10151637923447773_94773620_nYou could say we like a cappella at Brown. According to the Intergalactic Community of A Cappella (yeah, that’s a thing), we have the most a cappella groups per capita in the United States—a fact that the Czar of the Intergalactic Star Trek Prancing Singers Community is very proud of. This weekend, you can catch 5 of the 11 groups in live performance. On Friday at 8 p.m. in Salomon, The Higher Keys, The Ursa Minors, and The Jabberwocks will all be singing in the Triple Threat concert. Admission is $2 for students, $5 for everyone else, and free for “callbackees.”

On Saturday, make sure to head to Salomon again at 8 p.m. to see The Chattertocks and The Brown Derbies in Smoked Salomon. The admission prices are the same as for the Triple Threat concert. If the extremely witty concert names don’t convince you to check out these concerts, maybe these videos will:

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The Brown Derbies head south for the winter

Singing on the beach!

SungYong Han and the Brown Derbies sing on a beach in Cancun.

No, this isn’t a photo from last summer’s vacation–it’s from a few weeks ago, when members of the Brown Derbies went to Cancun for ten days to sing a capella, practice for gigs and an upcoming album, and spend some time with sun and sand.

Derbies Matt Garza and Raghava Kamalesh caught up with BlogDailyHerald to tell us about their trip:

Some of our most fun gigs were at an International School (we had photo shoots after the concert for students to wear our Derbies!), impromptu singing on the beaches, at the Plaza Caracol Mall, and at this fancy shmancy Italian restaurant where some fans surprised us with dinner! We also rehearsed a ton to prep for our next recording session and the beginning of the semester’s events. On the fun side, we challenged everyone in our hotel to beach volleyball/water polo tournaments, lounged in the amazing weather, and went out to clubs like Senor Frogs and “Little Light Up Floor” (as we named it) in the hotel district! We also met up with one of the Derbies’ biggest fans–Jose Cuervo! When in Mexico…

Jealous yet? After the jump, small children in big hats! Plus, Matt and Raghava tell us more about their trip and what the group has planned for the future.
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