A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: A Better World by Design

A Better World by Design” is back this weekend for its sixth year of, well, designing a better world. If the title of the conference sounds like a Brown course title/general mantra to you, you’re on the right track: it was started by Brown and RISD students as a lecture series, and has grown into a three-day conference with 75 presenters. The conference “cultivates a global community of socially-conscious and passionate innovators” through workshops, panels and speakers, so it’s basically everything cool (un)packed together. And you barely have to get off the Hill—all of the events are held at Brown and RISD.

Even if you’re not an engineering concentrator, there is something for you at the conference; it stresses that design is everywhere, even in fields that are not stereotypically design-oriented. For instance, one of the featured presenters is Alexander Eaton, who is the CEO of a startup designing a renewable energy technology to convert human waste into organic fertilizer (if you’ve seen the signs in bathroom stalls asking “Where does your poop go?”, get the answer here). Another cool panel is on Whole Foods’ journey into sustainable design, as deliciously overpriced groceries better be eco-friendly. Continue Reading