Imagine 250+: Ra Ra Brunonia: Brown-Harvard Football Game


Go to the football game this weekend: a simple, yet surprisingly complex demand within the context of Brunonia. Though the air is becoming a bit more crisp and the work is beginning to pick up, we need to carry on the tradition of old and support the worthy purveyors of our athletic program (yes, we have one). The upcoming Fall Celebration for the University’s 250th Anniversary provides the perfect opportunity to make the “arduous” trek up to Brown Stadium to watch your Bears compete against the most feared hue in all the land: The Crimson. Though we understand that you may not know the rules of the game or even question why that yellow line from the TV isn’t on the field, attending the game is above all a way of channeling that often diffuse sense of school spirit. Instead of providing a general reason why you should go, it seems more appropriate to issue this “call to action” on a class-by-class basis:


It’s your first year on campus. There is absolutely no excuse for not attending this game–as long as you aren’t expecting a tailgate reminiscent of a Big Ten school or the pomp and circumstance of the University of Alabama (Roll Tide). The Brown-Harvard game is a wonderful way to build relationships with your peers, make a few memories, and if you are lucky, make it into that one Brown Athletics body-paint pic from the night (you know the one). Also, the game serves as a wonderful opportunity to show your friends that you, too, are having a great time in college (5-10 Facebook tags guaranteed).

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PollerBears: What part of the 250th Fall Celebration are you most excited for?


This weekend, the University has planned a series of events to continue the celebration of its 250th birthday. Football and fireworks and Binder, oh my! What part of the Fall celebration are you most excited about?!

What part of the 250th Fall Celebration are you most excited for?

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Sixth Man: Football

In case you hadn’t heard by now, a big, news-worthy rout happened recently–Brown football took down Yale, 20-0. Alright, I hear you all out there: “We play more football games after Homecoming? We play football games at all? We have Homecoming? We have sports? We go to ‘Brown’?” Yes on all accounts, and as it happens, we were lucky to schedule Yale, because they suck. (Actually, we weren’t really “lucky” to schedule them, since we play every Ivy League school by rule. But you get the point.)

It turns out that Yale’s tried-and-true offensive gameplan is “run backwards and get sacked or tackled for a loss three times in a row, then let our superhuman punter kick the ball 7 million yards.” Like seriously, holy shit, Yale’s punter is amazing! His gifts are probably in part due to the fact that he has to do his job every two seconds because Yale’s offense is depressingly horrendous, but damn. He’s got “All-Ivy” written all over him, and you know that nothing builds a resume quite like being named All-Ivy punter. He’s going places.

Anyway, our football team looked pretty good. Also they looked big, pretty damn big; i.e., I’m not about to say anything negative about them. But that’s not necessary anyway, since they actually played quite well, absolutely shutting down Yale’s crummy offense and moving the ball slowly but surely during two long touchdown drives (in addition to booting a pretty impressive 46-yard field goal). So huzzah for Da Bears–come check out their last home game (Senior Day) on Nov. 17 against Columbia. It’ll be a good time.

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Tounkara-Kone ‘11.5 nets rookie camp deal with Buffalo Bills

Our very own Alex Tounkara-Kone ‘11.5 is getting a shot at the big time. The 6’4″, 220 lb. wide receiver may have missed out on being Mr. Irrelevant — the last guy chosen in the NFL Draft, who gets a parade thrown for him and goes to Disneyland, not kidding — but on May 11, he’ll have the chance to show the Bills what he’s made of at the team’s rookie mini-camp. The Belgian-born draft pick had never even seen a game of football before high school, making this feat all the more impressive. He had 49 receptions and 590 receiving yards in 2011. Best of luck, Alex!

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