A cool thing you shouldn’t miss: Brown Policy Union’s inaugural meeting


BPU LogoLast summer, Zach Ingber ’15 thought to himself that while Brown enjoyed great informal political conversation, our school was lacking more formal student debate on policy. To fill that gap, he, along with Katherine Pollock ’16, Felix Tettey ’15, Will Hale ’15, and Diego Arene-Morley ’16, worked to found the Brown Policy Union, “Brown’s first student-driven political debating society.”

Modeled after the Oxford Union, the Brown Policy Union seeks to give a nod to old debating societies while creating a modern and accessible feel that resonates with Brown. “The goal of the BPU is to elevate student voices and to offer students a space where they can really talk seriously about policy, ” says Ingber. Each week, students will debate a single resolution on a given public policy, ranging from local government (or even campus-related) issues to international affairs. Additionally, the BPU will host public debates once or twice a semester with audience participation encouraged. The launch meeting will take place tomorrow night from 7 to 8 p.m. in Wilson 105. The topic this week will be whether Edward Snowden should be tried for treason. If you please, come tomorrow night to speak (though you aren’t required), listen, and engage!