A definitive ranking of the best Wi-Fi networks on College Hill


“Show me someone who claims to not want the Wi-Fi password and I’ll show you a liar”

— me five minutes ago

As a senior living off campus and being thrust out of the comfort of the Brown Wi-Fi network, I’ve become increasingly aware of connecting to different networks around College Hill. This perpetual quest for Wi-Fi has illuminated the extent to which people in Providence take their Wi-Fi network naming seriously. In classic Brown fashion, these names really speak for themselves.

Without further ado, I present to you a list of College Hill’s best Wi-Fi network names on College Hill ranked by category:

Most location specific:



This network name is genius because of its proximity to Yan’s Cuisine and the fact that it is owned by students who have nothing to do with Yan’s Cuisine. This is an April Fools dream all-year-round. Not so secretly wishing I had thought of something like this.

Honorable mentions: Cheers to the Governor, Papa John’s, G Spot (located above G Spot Salon)


Most likely to make you feel like you’re being watched:

Winner: FBISurveillanceVan

Definitely no Napster, LimeWire, or MegaVideo here (#tbt).



Best use of popular culture:

Winner: [Borat Voice] my wifi

Looks like we’ve all upgraded from the iPod Mini. Very nice!

Runners Up: BillNyeTheWifiGuy, Adventure timeeee, and Bruce Wayne

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PSA: Download Microsoft Office through Brown for FREE

Office 365

Brown CIS has been making moves lately. This past semester, they hooked us up with an online subscription to The New York Times, listened to our movement to improve Brown Secure, and took steps to make our demands dreams a reality. Now, they’re at it again, offering all Brown undergrad and graduate students free access to Microsoft Office 365. This set includes the usual suspects (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as well as a few ancillary programs (Outlook, Publisher, Access). Gone are the days of using third party programs and bootleg substitutes (or just paying a lot of money). To download the programs, go to this link and follow the instructions. You’ll have to use your Brown username and password to log in, and then you’re good to download any of the programs. So have at it, Brunonia. A new era awaits us — one of equal access to programing and equal opportunity to make snazzy PowerPoints.

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Beat Brown-Secure: It’s happening

Fellow Brunonians,

Today, November 11, 2013, marks a momentous occasion. At approximately 11:30 a.m., CIS VP Pendse sent out the following email regarding Brown-Secure:


Important to note is the conspicuous absence of “help desk ticket” as a means of reporting wireless issues. (Read: stop spamming us.) Continue Reading

Tired of Brown-Secure? Let’s start a movement (in three easy steps)

Hey, remember eduroam? You may have noticed that it’s not working as well as it used to. That’s because so many students jumped the Brown-Secure ship that eduroam is sinking, too.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Just like the Jolly Mon!

But our network activities, or unfortunate lack thereof, have clearly been garnering attention from higher up–and it’s not just the NSA anymore. If you took the UCS Fall Poll, you may have noticed the conspicuous question regarding Brown-Secure.

As it happens, CIS was essentially unaware of the problem until Blog put the street knowledge on record, since nobody has been submitting help desk tickets. I’ve sent a couple of those since the original post, and saw results: a new wireless access point in Wilson 302!

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The UCS Fall Poll is a thing that exists

The annual UCS Fall Poll was released yesterday, and offers students a chance to enter a raffle for Spring Weekend tickets. Just as interesting, the poll includes (we think for the first time) questions about the effectiveness of Brown-Secure. “Please estimate how many times per week you have difficulty accessing the Brown Secure wireless network, and subsequently use an alternate form of internet connectivity (Brown EZ, Brown Guest, ethernet, etc.).” Um 24/7 kthxbye.

Among the other notable inclusions were “Name three artists that you’d like to see at Spring Weekend” (Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus), and like seven hundred questions on the Strategic Plan. Take the poll now, maybe win Spring Weekend tickets (I mean let’s be honest, probably not but whatever), and do a little good for the community. Easy choice. Check your email for an email from UCS President Todd Harris ‘14.5 with your very own unique link that takes you right to the poll!

(Campus)Lifehacker: Beat Brown-Secure


For those of you who may not know this already (Class of 2017), Brown-Secure is the reason why you were given Ethernet cables when you got to Brown. That is, it’s bad. Seriously bad. Even Benjamin Franklin had something to say about it: “Those who would give up all Essential Internets to purchase a little Cryptographic Security, will be really happy with Brown-Secure.”


Yeah… no.

Brown-Secure drops your slow connection every few minutes if you’re lucky, and you can forget about getting on Brown-Secure in a full lecture hall. Most experienced students opt for Brown-Guest or Brown-EZ for the optimal YouTube-viewing experience, but since those are unencrypted networks, that theoretically leaves your network traffic vulnerable to CS166 students who have just emerged from the CIT and are dying to test out their uber leet haxor skills. (Our network recommendation after the jump.) Continue Reading