Sixth Man: Squash

One of two available photos of Brown Squash

David: After a brief hiatus brought about by crying for days about men’s soccer losing “studying,” Sixth Man got back in action this weekend by hitting up Brown squash’s opener against Colby College. I hear you out there: “Isn’t squash a little ‘country club’ for us?” Maybe. But so is equestrian, and that doesn’t stop us from being one of two Ivies to field a team/squad/ridership.

Alright, alright, I know you’re clamoring to hear about the squash in all its glory and utmost detail. Hold on a second, though–this week’s post has a special twist. Unbeknownst to yours truly, fellow Blog writer Caitlin Dorman (‘16; only freshmen are dupes enough to end up in makeshift bleachers at Pizzitola at 1 pm on a Saturday) was also in attendance. Perhaps she can lend us a fresh perspective, one that will give us a break from mine, which I would summarize as “Brown squash is a thing that exists.” Caitlin, anything to add?

Caitlin Dorman: David, I go to some sports games for the ra-ra comradery in the bleachers, because I actually love the game (no matter how badly Brown sucks at it), and  because the guys are so damn attractive athletes are so impressive. The courts made me feel a tad claustrophobic (reminiscent of a glass prison cell), and the sport is a little hard to grasp with that tiny ball bouncing all over the place, but man is it fun to cheer the home team on! Continue Reading