Like the rest of this campus, we have to peace out for a few days to enjoy t(of)urkey, cranberry sauce and a shit ton of awkward family conversations. If you start feeling symptoms of BlogDailyWithdrawal (a rash in the shape of an angry bear head, hashtagged speech and an overly inflated sense of self worth are all sure signs), please contact your physician. On the upside, we won’t be gone long: we’ll be back, posting regularly, on Sunday. In the meantime, be sure to keep track of your crazy Thanksgiving adventures, and send them in as stories for our Bru Life story contest.

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Bru Life: Most embarrassing Thanksgiving ever, a story contest

Thanksgiving dinners involve extended family, alcohol and turkey basters — naturally, they’re often be disastrous. Which is exactly why we’re launching our first ever BlogDH anonymous story contest!

Tell us your most embarrassing / hilarious Thanksgiving-related tales (we’ll even accept stories of Black Friday trauma) in 250 words or less, and your story could be featured right here on BlogDH as our contest winner! Stories will be judged on hilarity, impropriety and doh! factor. Submit your stories as a “tip” right here to ensure full anonymity — we re hoping for stories just as juicy as that 24-pound turkey in the oven…

We’ll be accepting your stories until 5 pm on Sunday, November 27, and we’ll post the winner, along with a few of our favorite runners-up, on Monday morning. Entertain us, Brunonia!