Mini canapé bar at the Ratty

Is the Ratty rolling out the big guns tonight in response to today’s presidential announcement? (Or is the opposite true?!) This all seems a little too coincidental.

In case you don’t know what canapés are. gets a makeover!

minimalistyetbeautifulWhen was the last time you took a gander at the Brown Dining Services webpage? Most likely it was early freshman year when some kind-hearted upperclassman revealed to you that your 3 meal per-day plan was far inferior to Flex 460… it sounded like something halfway between Trimspa and P90X, so naturally you referred to the website to make sure it was real. If you remember the site, it resembled a cross between a GeoCities page and one of those random science-for-kids websites you would visit in grade school. Fortunately, BuDS has given itself an extreme makeover (web edition), which has improved both its aesthetics and functionality. Three reasons why the new site is better after the jump.

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Occupy BUDS: The End-of-Semester Meal Credit Cooperative

It’s that time of the year again — when the vast differences between the Flex 460 and 330 finally reveal themselves, and meal credit inequality seems almost as dire as income inequality. In past years, various students have attempted to create far-reaching end-of-semester meal credit co-ops, and we at BlogDH have decided that it’s our time to take up the gauntlet.

Check out the Facebook event to connect with other students looking to share a meal or score one. Post on the event’s wall with relevant details like where you live, which dining halls are your favorites and whether you prefer blondes or brunettes. JK, this isn’t a dating site (#butisit?).

Meet up with friends and strangers alike over a Spicy With (or an Ivy Room falafel, if you’re into yellow mush masquerading as a Middle Eastern staple…). Share the wealth — for during finals period, why not be socialists? (A’s for all!)

Spotlight on Nime Chow: Ensuring that your Nime is a Ten

Pronunciation variations: neem-chow, nim-chow, neemeh-chow

You’re not that hungry, but you’re in the mood for something fresh and satisfying. You walk into the Blue Room and notice that the sandwich line is too long, you’ve had the sushi too many times, and the wait for General Tso’s Chicken just doesn’t seem worth it. You turn to leave, disappointed by your options, when something amidst the yogurts catches your eye. You walk over. Curious, you read the label: Nime Chow. “What’s Nime Chow?” you might ask yourself as you examine the two perfectly wrapped rolls of Cambodian goodness. Luckily for you, we’re here to give the Nime Chow nitty-gritty.  Continue Reading

Crotchety BuDS Workers spill all

OK. So we’re all customers sometimes. And we all suck at it occasionally, whether we know it or not. So when we Crotchety BuDS Workers inform you that you probably suck as a customer, don’t take it personally. Just hear us out, and maybe take some notes to help make our lives a little easier… and prevent your food from being contaminated with OUR SALIVA. Justkiddingwedon’tdothat. Without further ado, things customers do that make us rage:

  • Cranky Cook: Watching over me with the firm gaze of a hawk as I make your food at a drop-off-your-order-and-wait station (Gate paninis, Ivy Room pasta…). It’s cool if you just want to save me the trouble of yelling your name. But when you’re tapping your foot, looking at your watch, and complaining to your friend about how you have to be at a meeting in five minutes… bitch, I’ma work slower.
  • Cantankerous Cashier:  Giving me “that face” when I say you can’t use three credits.  Don’t give me that sass.  Just because I’m not supposed to take it personally doesn’t give you the right to mutter rude thangz under your breath. Continue Reading

Free chili samples in the Blue Room!

The Manhattan Chili Co. is giving out free chili in the Blue Room starting at noon. Get it while it’s hot!