Alums who do cool things: Bryan Davis ’94

payment_bungee_tags-1Bryan Davis ’94, who founded a virtual lost-and-found system called Bungee in 2008, is now offering Brown students a year of the company’s service for free. Bungee mails users tags that they can place on any type of item, from wallets and phones to keys and USB flash drives. If someone finds an item with a Bungee tag, he/she can text Bungee and the owner will then receive a text and email about the lost possession. From there, the two people can arrange a safe return.

Davis and his business partner, A.J. Bontempo, have tested Bungee over 100 times, showing that it actually does work, according to an article in The Herald. To try it for free, use the promo code “bruno” on It’s definitely worth signing up before Spring Weekend, as the odds of losing something during Binder are probably higher than during your average Sunday afternoon.