Our trip to Butter Day Spa, Part 2


Last week, we gave you a taste of our experience at Butter Day Spa, located at 255 Hope Street (right by the OMAC!). We wrote about the beautiful blooming tea ceremony and the 5-Flowers Facial, which were both parts of the Bali Retreat. One writer got to indulge in the include the Bali Body Treatment, while another enjoyed the Spa-Chi Body Therapy Session.

The Bali Body Treatment was exactly was the doctor ordered for the stressed-out student who had the opportunity to enjoy it. Sixty minutes long, the hands-on massage incorporated beautiful-smelling Cinq Mondes Balinese balms and mists. It’s a proprietary treatment, created by the staff at Butter Day Spa; as such, you know they’ve crafted an experience designed to make you relax. A key part of the Bali Body Treatment was the 5-Flowers Cleansing Water, which was sprayed on the legs, arms, and back at various points of the treatment (it was super refreshing and felt like raindrops). This is followed by the use of the Flowers Cleansing Balm—its silky texture is supplemented by kneading that helps to break through though those knots. The treatment includes kneading of the back, shoulders, and legs, as well as a foot massage (!) at the end, which was a delight. The beautiful smells of the balms and the oils contributed to a beautiful sensory experience overall. The stressed-out writer left her session feeling refreshed, well-rested, and de-stressed. Continue Reading

Our trip to Butter Day Spa, Part 1


Housed in a yellow colonial just a stone’s throw away from campus, Butter Day Spa is most definitely an escape from the papers, exams, and meetings back on campus. In the peak of midterm season, three stressed bloggers made a trip to Butter to see if it could effectively relax even the most stressed-out students. Butter had no easy task, but with its extraordinary treatments, ambience, and incredible deals for college students (more on this later), it certainly passed with flying colors. And we really want to go back again.

The second we walked through the spa’s large doors, we instantly became relaxed: the aromas were incredibly soothing, and the Victorian interior design transported us back to 19th-century England. The waiting room is filled with Victorian-era furniture, including big, comfy couches. We couldn’t help but notice its display of Cinq Mondes products on the wall behind us. We learned that Cinq Mondes is a world-renowned French spa products company, and Butter is one of the few spas in the US that carries its lines. Butter frequently rotates through Cinq Mondes collections, and integrates Cinq Mondes products into its unique treatments. One such package is its Bali Retreat, a holistic spa experience built on sensorial rituals that help people de-stress.

The first part of the Bali Retreat: a nice, hot cup of white tea. Before we began our respective treatments, the staff treated us to its unique blooming tea ceremony, during which we watched beautiful, bundled white tea leaves from Teaposy bloom before our very eyes. Not only was our tea delicious, but the ceremony set the tone for the rest of our “retreat.” Continue Reading