Students who do cool things: Cape Commons Beer Co.


As we speak, Lily Ricci and Vic Bartash, both ’13, are walking on treadmills in the Nelson Fitness Center. They’ve been doing so since 8 a.m. to raise both awareness about lack of accessibility of clean water and money for their brewery startup. Cape Commons Beer Company, Ricci and Bartash’s project, aims to produce great beer while raising money to invest in clean water resources. So far, they have raised over $4,000 in their Indiegogo campaign, but still have a ways to go in the next three weeks to reach the $35,000 dollar goal necessary to get their signature Cape Commons Lager produced commercially.

So, how can you help? Well, Ricci and Bartash are hitting the treadmills to get your attention. Donate $30 while they’re walking (until 8 p.m. tonight), and you’ll score a free Cape Commons Beer tank. You can also comment a song on their LiveStream (link here) and they will dance to it for 30 seconds while on the treadmill. In other words, they are willing to work pretty hard for your money. Oblige them.