I want me Lucky Charms!

Tired of picking through the Ratty’s cereal bins?

Now available online — just the marshmallows, without all those silly oats and grains.


Keeping KFP at college is something that even the best of us struggle with.  After ratty-scavenging for decent non-leavened alternatives today, this blogger remembered that the torture would (fortunately) end in only a few hours. Special-K Red Berries and similar delights will make a collective return to the palates of many of Brown’s carbohydrate-craving Jews later on today.  To those of you who were able to make it through the entire 8 days: mazel tov! Don’t forget to stop by Hillel at 9pm tonight for the post-Passover bake-a-thon.

The Return of Honey Bunches of Oats!

That’s right, the Ratty really does love us!

We know there was considerable outcry when Honey Bunches of Oats disappeared from the Refectory’s cereal lineup, but in case you haven’t been in the dining hall recently as a sort of protest (or maybe you just don’t pay that much attention to detail), everyone’s favorite cereal has reappeared! It even gets its own official sign — hopefully this means it will be returning as a regular staple, yes?

So go on, take two bowls and fill ’em up — we can’t say we blame you. Just save some for the rest of us, too!

It’s raining Golden Grahams

All you Golden Graham lovers can rejoice: Golden Grahams are finally available for sale on Thayer Street!!

If you’re a Graham-fanatic like I am, you’ll know that up until this point, no store on Thayer has sold boxes of those glorious honey-flavored diabetes squares — not CVS, not Store 24 (ahem, Tedeschi or whatever it is now), and not that weird little Metro Minimart. If you wanted the Graham, you had to either jack a bunch in take-out containers from dining halls or hike all the way to Eastside Marketplace. For those no longer on meal plan or with little grocery shopping time to spare, getting those Ridges that Rock was a difficult task.

But at long last, CVS has solved those problems. So leave all those dining hall cereal woes behind and head over there now to buy a box — they’re even on promo this week, with your CVS ExtraCare card!

While you’re at it, go here and submit your funny job search story for the chance to win 12 free boxes of Golden Grahams!

You love the Ratty; now it loves you back

Feel the love with the new cereal canisters, aglow with pink romance in time for Valentine’s Day.