Ch-ch-ch-changes: IPTV


Today is a monumental day. Residential Life and Computing & Information Services just sent out a campus-wide email outlining a new upgrade to IPTV that is sure to improve the lives of TV addicts everywhere (or at least at Brown). IPTV, for those of you have not yet taken advantage of this perk, allows students to watch television programming on their personal computers while plugged in with an ethernet cable in University residence halls. But not anymore. 

The changes include:

  1. Down with the ethernet cable–Good news, owners of MacBook Air’s! There’s no need to bother with that ridiculous wire anymore. You can watch TV now with Brown Wi-Fi.
  2. More ways to watch–If you like watching TV from your cell phone (a questionable choice, honestly) or if you want to connect the cable to your television, you now can with the updated service.
  3. DVR a.k.a. scheduled procrastination–There’s no need to miss Dancing With The Stars now that you can record your favorite programs right from your laptop. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, especially now that there are so many new channels…
  4. 20 additional channelshaving not used IPTV before (damn you, ethernet), I have no idea what these new channels are. But, keeping with the spirit of more TV, here’s some great shows you can watch with your new and improved IPTV…

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What’s up with Thayer Street?

Since the demise of Tedeschi and the entrance of Gourmet Heaven last school year, Thayer Street has remained mostly unchanged… until now!

Much like Providence’s weather, Thayer has once again proven that it can change in a matter of days. As seen above, hookah ‘n’ smoothie shop Sahara, Ben & Jerry’s, Squires Salon, and other buildings with historical value have all been shut down and fenced up in just two days. As reported by the Brown Daily Herald, the company that brought us 315 Thayer (aka Gilbane Building Company) is the one responsible for the demolition of buildings in order to construct a new apartment complex on 257 Thayer.  Continue Reading

We out


It’s that time of year again: The class of 2013 has made it through the other side of the Gates, and our once-distant summer plans are… well, pretty damn close. Whether you returned home or lived out the last few weeks of May at Camp Brown, we’ve been able to shelve our stress, reflect on the year, and look forward to what the next year has in store for us. In the meantime, while we business-casually slog through our summers, BlogDH may not be able to provide you with the same amount time-wasters as per usual to help you procrastinate at your summer job (we need to look good, too!). But don’t go too far—we will post periodically throughout the summer to satisfy all your cravings for life in Brunonia and Lil’ Rhody.

We offer heartfelt congratulations to all of the graduating seniors on our staff, and to our founder, editor-in-chief emeritus and “Chairman of the Board” Matt Klimerman ’13. Matt was instrumental in bringing the site from concept to launch in its early stages back in 2009 and has worked thanklessly over his years at Brown to invigorate BlogDH and elevate it to the level it’s currently at today. BlogDH’s characteristic creative energy is a product of his constant innovation in content, design (e.g. this picture of Dean Bova punching an exit sign), and strategy. While we’re sad to see the last members of our founding generation leave the Hill for more professional pursuits, we’ve got our succession plans in order and are ready to keep bringin’ it day in and day out. Continue Reading

Hey freshmen, you think the housing lottery is a rat race now? Listen to this.


Today is the second night of the infamous and dreaded housing lottery. Those students who were smart enough to seek out Program Housing will circumvent the process. In years past, one lucky person and his/her group would win the right to first pick in the lottery by entering him/herself in a raffle; this year, however, the raffle was done away with. Regardless, winning the first pick awards the winner and his/her group the coveted opportunity to have the first choice from any housing unit on campus.

However, in ancient times (i.e. as late as spring 2010), winning the first pick in the housing lottery used to be less simple than choosing a silly raffle ticket out of a box. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), many students don’t know about the previous way one could win the first pick: a video competition. This year’s seniors are the last people to have experienced said competition.

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Editors’ note: ‘Time-waster of the day’ and ‘Free food digest’ are moving to Facebook


So we’re changing some stuff up.

Since we started back in 2009, the “Time-waster of the day” and “Free food digest” columns have been daily staples on the site. We share the time-wasters with all of you as a means of giving you entertaining breaks from your studies, and we provide a roundup of free food around campus to further enable your collective Nice Slice/Kabob and Curry/Meeting Street Cookies addictions and give you a well-deserved break from the tedium of meal plan.

We love these columns, but our staff has recently decided to stop publishing them on our site. Instead, we will continue to publish both columns daily on our Facebook page! Don’t worry: you’ll still be able to eat free (or dine trying) and waste time.

We feel that this will a) allow both columns to better serve their intended purposes for members of the Brown community, and b) make the feed on our site less cluttered. If you’re a fan of either (or both!) of these columns and would still like to make them part of your daily reading routine, we would encourage you to “like” our page. Additionally, if you’re interested in the occasional polar bear pic among other relevant links, you should hit up the page more often.

We really think this will be great and we can’t wait for the next steps. Raise your free Kabob and Curry and let’s make a toast: Here’s to wasted time, free food and a happy and healthy spring. Cheers.

Sister’s my new mother, Mother: New semester, new editors


A new semester means new classes, new faces, and newly frost-bitten appendages; for us, it means bigger and better content and an all-new editorial board. It’s like All That‘s “Know Your Stars,” but without Jamie Lynn Spears (…and her baby) and with the names you’ve seen in our bylines.

After just one semester on our staff chowing down at Brown, Aaron Fitzenry-worshipping California native Georgia Tollin ’15 joins our editorial board as one of our new deputy managing editors. Score one more for the West Coast on the edit board: Connor McKlimermanGuigan ’15 will join the editorial ranks from the comfort of his crib. Let’s hope he doesn’t start a campus-wide uproar by hitting “reply-all” on the new, prettier version of Morning Mail. Rounding out the deputy managing editor squad is Cara Newlon ‘14.5, who will be adding her drunk, sober, and/or high wisdom to the team. You really should take her to your formal. Also, Jason Hu ’15 will stay on as Don Draper creative director. He can help you figure out whether or not to drop that class and plan for the apocalypse. All this while still in space! Continue Reading