What happened to Morning Mail??

I can only imagine the riot that ensued at Jo’s. Brown Morning Mail, that beloved signal that you only have an hour left to grab a Spicy With (or Spicies With?) and chief indicator that you’re no longer turning in early for the night, got a serious facelift last night. The email is now super pretty and easy to read. You know, you can actually tell where one announcement ends and another begins, all that good stuff. Anyway, it makes our job a lot easier in putting out Free Food Digest every day.

New Morning Mail

According to one of the Morning Mail announcements—the powers that be clearly wanted the whole student body to read it—the changes came from a group of UCS members who realized the process could be streamlined. You see that? We read Morning Mail. No word yet as to how the changes will affect readership, but having an aesthetically pleasing end to your night can only be a good thing. Now go read Morning Mail and check out the changes for yourself.

Tedeschi really wants you to know that it’s closed

Looks like Tedeschi has closed its doors a bit earlier than it had planned—earlier in the week, signs on the door said it would be closing on Tuesday. Yes, there are actually four signs that say “We Are Closed” on the door, as if to quadruple our sadness.

A Thousand Words: Inside renovated 315 Thayer and Andrews

Many former Keeney residents were shocked when they returned to campus to find that the building received a major facelift. But this summer’s changes hardly end there.

Today’s Herald featured a spread that breaks down all of this and next summer’s housing changes, which aim to create a more uniform progression of housing from freshman to senior year. Since we’ve already given you a photo tour of the new Keeney, we now bring you inside some of the other renovated dorms.

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A Thousand Words: Inside (partially) renovated Keeney!

This changes everything.

Living in Keeney has been known to have its advantages and disadvantages. For a long time, Keeney Quadrangle has been defined as a hub of activity due to its large concentration of freshmen first-years (+).  Keeney was also defined by the condition of its interior: not so great (-). The furniture was old, the bathrooms were gross, and kitchen and lounge space was scarce.

As part of a larger plan for dorm renovations, Keeney is being renovated in two phases. The first phase, which occurred this summer, overhauled and reconfigured student rooms and created new “magnet lounges” (with fancy kitchens!) on the top floors. Next summer, the bathrooms and hallways will be renovated, elevator installation will be completed, and the building will be split into three separate sections. Check out BlogDailyHerald’s tour of the new and improved Keeney after the jump.

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A fond farewell to Ruth and a warm welcome to Chris

July 1, 2012 marks the end of one era and the beginning of another in Brunonia. Although we were informed of Ruth’s departure last September, and were subsequently presented with finger sandwiches, fancy water cooler things, and Paxson’s amazing yellow scarf back in early March, things just got real: Today, President Ruth Simmons’ eleven-year term officially drew to a close, and President Christina Paxson‘s term officially began.

Yet as we bid a final farewell to our beloved Prez Ruth Simmons, her charisma, and her overall awesomeness, we take comfort in knowing that she will be immortalized as we plan to enjoy future Fall Concerts, Mande finals, and Campus Dances on Ruth’s Quad.  We’ve finally come to terms with Ruth’s departure after a baccalaureate address, a carnival, and several tear-jerking montages and tributes; now, we can’t wait to discover what Chris has in store for us (and yes, we’ll gladly “feel free” to be some of the people who call her Chris).

Pax Brunonia starts now!

Images by Emily Gilbert ’14 and Rachel Kaplan ’14.

Chucking up the deuces

We’ve returned all of our library books to the stacks (on stacks on stacks); we’ve left our shining city on a hill for (slightly) more pre-professional pursuits; and the class of 2012 has walked through Van Wickle Gates. Reality sets in: Summer is now upon us. And while BlogDH may not be able to provide you with time-wasters for procrastinating at your summer job (we need to look good, too!), don’t go too far — we will post periodically throughout the summer to satisfy all your cravings for life in Brunonia and the glorious PVD.

We offer heartfelt congratulations to all of the graduating seniors on our staff, and to our current editor-in-chief and current deputy managing editor, Jenny Bloom ’12 and Talia Kagan ’12, respectively. Not to worry — we have succession plans lined up.

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