Sixth Man: Football/Cheerleading


It’s that time of year again: tailgating season. The smell of propane is in the air, crushed beer cans litter parking lots, and fans all across the country eat an ungodly amount of queso dip. This is essentially every American’s dream: violence, alcohol, and sodium. When I made the trek down to the Brown football stadium this Saturday, I had high expectations and I was ready to get my tailgate on. It was the home-opener, the first 1,000 students would get free t-shirts, and it was a beautiful day, so we were bound to get a good turnout, right??? Sort of.

Calling the activities outside of the stadium a “tailgate” is a slight exaggeration. Most of the people mingling in the parking lot beforehand were members of the classes of 1940 through 1950. Something told me that none of them were looking to shotgun a Natty before heading inside. The AARP meeting “tailgate” was a bust, and even though I consumed zero nachos and zero hotdogs, I was unfazed because I still was getting my free t-shirt (#gobruno). Continue Reading