Eight ways Brown can thrive in the twenty-first century

In the sink or swim world of 2015, you have to be both creative and willing to step on the throats of others competitive in order to succeed. This year, Brown has made notable steps into the future, from breaking ground on a new engineering building and renovating the mailroom, to providing Sriracha sauce to the Ratty. These are great first steps, but they fall far short of preparing Brown for the century ahead. Here are our additional recommendations:

Increase number of Brown-related website portals from seventeen to twenty-five



The corporation has talked about growing Brown’s student body by 1% each year to increase tuition revenue, but little has been said about the stagnant number of websites and internet services accessible to Brown students. We need to move beyond Banner, Canvas, GET, PawPrints, EchoCenter, Sapling, Res-Life, Philo, Josiah, Focal Point, Shibboleth, Go, Workday, B.U.S. tracker, IM leagues, Touch.net, JIB, and Brown Connect. Seventeen different portals to accomplish similar tasks is simply not enough. To be a top-tier university in the 21st century we need more websites. At least eight more.

The Blue Room-Mailroom Merger

Blue Room Mail Room

What do the Blue Room and Mailroom have in common? Lines. Why is it that if you want to both get a sandwich and retrieve a package, you have to wait in two separate areas? This merger would both cut costs, and give students one seamless and efficient mailroom-dining experience.

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Life at the bottom of the housing lottery list: An interview with Neha Verma ’16 (also known as number 790)


A while back, Wesleying—BlogDH’s incredibly snarky equivalent at Wesleyan—interviewed the  person with the worst number in the school’s GRS (the equivalent to our housing lottery). We loved what we read and thought the concept was brilliant, so we threw polite caution to the wind and reached out to the person with the worst number in our dreaded housing lottery, #791, for an interview. Unfortunately, she’s going abroad next semester, so she’s no longer in the lottery. We moved one sad number up the list and managed to snag an interview with the person with the next worst number: Neha Verma ’16. Her number? #790. Did your heart just sink? Because all of ours did. Luckily, Verma has a good attitude despite living every Brown student’s nightmare.

Where do you live at the moment?
West (Hotel) Andrews 305. I have a walk-in closet I have converted into a coffee shop and a window that looks out over the courtyard.

Where were you when the lottery results were posted?
At home in Texas, talking to friend who also goes to Brown on the phone. I saw a someone on Facebook asked me how the housing lottery was going and I thought maybe I got a good number? But I kept on scrolling and I couldn’t find my name. Finally, my friend on the phone said “type your name into search box,” and it took me straight to the bottom. Continue Reading

Free food digest: November 7, 2012

Now that you’ve voted, eat free or dine trying.

Pride in Business Kickoff
Salomon 203
5:30-6:30 p.m.

Learn about inclusivity in the business world while chowing down on free Chipotle.

Urban Studies DUG: Urban Music Festivals in Nashville, Austin, and Newport
Urban Studies Seminar Room, 29 Manning St.
7-8 p.m.

Arrive at 6:30 for the food, then listen to some musical wisdom from Jay Sweet, producer of the Newport Folk Festival and founder of the Sweet & Doggett music consulting firm.


This is not a drill

Chipotle.  Grand Opening.  Tomorrow.  Your humble servants at the BlogDH got a sneak peak (taste?) at Chipot-Thay’s soft opening tonight, and, let us tell you–it took them a while, but the food is as good as we could have imagined.  Our burritos were warm, delicious, and rolled to perfection (thank goodness for the extensive training period).  See you in line tomorrow at 11:00 am.

Why Chipotle, why?

Apparently learning to roll burritos takes a little bit longer than expected.  A sign on the door of Chipotle tells us that they’re delaying their opening to December 14th.  So much for delicious rolled-up goodness getting us through reading period.  In the meantime, we present to you the story of one lucky Brunonian who got a pre-grand-opening burrito and sent his story in to BlogDH.  That’s right.  Be jealous:   Continue Reading

Ready, set, sizzle

Chipotle officially opens Tuesday, December 7.
Burrito-rolling training, however, has already begun.