Check out this video of Chris Berman ’77 kinda sorta previewing Brown football

Chris Berman at SPG, circa 1974

You might know a sampling of Brown’s most famous alumni off the top of your head. Ted Turner. John D. Rockefeller. Meikle M. Meiklejohn. But you might not have known that ESPN yodel-a-tron Chris Berman graduated with the class of 1977… and you almost certainly did not know that he does impromptu Ivy League football analysis. That’s right, the 28-year veteran of Sunday NFL Countdown was generous enough to spare a few minutes to give thoughts on his alma mater’s upcoming football season. You can see the video here.

Wearing an unfortunate Hawaiian shirt, Berman delivered a series of gems, including:

  • “The Ivy League championship isn’t the be-all end-all… but I just like to see our school excel at whatever it is, whether it’s the best football team or the best history department.” Amen, brother.
  • “I know that [Coach Phil Estes] will have them playing with class…intelligence…and hustle, let alone good football.” Let alone? Actually, good football sounds like what I’d like them to be playing.
  • [Quote not understood due to the ridiculous random rap song that starts playing at 0:37.]
  • “Two night games, or twilight games.” THE TWILIGHT GAMES–a new series starring Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Pattinson, coming July 2015.
  • “The Brown defense played like the Pittsburgh Steelers against Harvard.” Uh. Um. Hmmmm.

Brown football kicks off Sept. 21 at home against Georgetown. I know one guy who’ll be watching.

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