Study break of the week: Summer Heights High


Still looking for something quick to watch between study sessions? It might be time revisit an old favorite: Summer Heights High. We know it’s like so random, but it’s super quotable for a reason. Each full episode runs for about 25 minutes total, but if you check out YouTube, full episodes are typically broken up into parts closer to 5-10 minutes.

If you’ve seen it before, this is the perfect time to rewatch Summer Heights as Chris Lilley (the creator/actor who plays Ja’mie, Mr. G, and Jonah) is premiering his new show, Private School Girl, on HBO November 24th. Even though this new series profiles Ja’mie, who was only the second best character on Summer Heights (Mr. G for President), Chris Lilley is just factually one of the funniest people in the world, so this show is bound to be hilarious. After all, Ja’mie was my own personal inspiration for ditching my former public school education for a private university: “Wife beaters and rapists are nearly all public school-educated. Sorry, no offense, but it’s true”. In case you haven’t seen the newly released trailer, here it is:

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