Techaccino Tuesdays: Chrome extensions

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If you hear “Chrome extensions” and you don’t think about hair modifications, then you know what we’re talking about. With power users — people like ourselves who know how to use computers more than the average person — flocking to Google Chrome (soon to be the world’s most popular Internet browser), people have been looking for ways to tweak their online experience beyond just a new background. And thus, extensions were born (find them in the Window menu). Whether you already have 200 or you’ve just found out they existed, we reviewed the best ones for Brunonians below — pick and choose your faves, then check out the Web Store for some more.

FB Photo Zoom / Hover Zoom
Ever wish you didn’t have to click on a picture in your News Feed to see what it was? (Yes, this is the power of being a lazy college student). With FB Photo Zoom, you can rectify that and more. By passing your mouse over any picture on Facebook (be it a tiny profile thumbnail or a photo in a link), the image appears over the page next to your mouse in its original size. Hover Zoom adds the same functionality to other sites, including Twitter, Reddit and eBay. Continue Reading