(Otro) Descanso del día: Choose your own Cinco de Mayo adventure

You need to study, but you still want to experience the vicarious pleasure of a killer Drinco Cinco de Mayo. You planned to bring out that sombrero in your closet, only to be derailed by a 12-page paper.

Good news: The blog Thought Catalog has released a choose-your-own-adventure for this fifth of May. Now you can relive those shoddy literary experiences provided by your elementary school library and embark on your very own fictional Cinco de Mayo adventure.

How will your story go? Will it end with a tequila hangover, a truel with treasure on the line, or a culturally insensitive dinner at Taco Bell? Find out for yourself.

Join the party: FroyoWorld turns one year old today!

Just when you thought your Cinco de Mayo couldn’t get any better, FroyoWorld decided to celebrate its one-year anniversary on Thayer Street. Your favorite frozen yogurt lounge (sorry, Juniper) wants to “thank you for your loyalty” by giving today’s first 500 customers a free newly designed FroyoWorld T-shirt with their purchase. Best party favors ever.

Doors open at noon, so be sure to plan your day accordingly. Take it from the girl who was the 501st customer at FroyoWorld’s grand opening celebration last year: Get there early so you don’t leave empty-handed. Seriously. I’m still bitter.

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Cinco de Mayo Block Party

It’s time for a history lesson: Cinco de Mayo is not the date of the independence of Mexico. Is that going to stop people from getting friendly with José Cuervo and donning sombreros? Probably not. If you still haven’t planned your noche, here’s something to consider: In-Downcity Providence is closing down Westminster Street from 4 to 8 p.m. on the fifth of May for a full-blown fiesta. With appearances from food truck legend Mijos Tacos and our very own Mariachi de Brown, the Cinco de Mayo Block Party is as authentic as it gets in New England. (FYI: It’s not very authentic. But it’s a pretty good attempt.) If mariachi music is not your cup of , the people from Craftland will be making piñatas for you to take out your finals week anger on smash. ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

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