The Spring Weekend lineup release party is on Tuesday


After years of midnight announcements online, the Brown Concert Agency is taking a different approach to releasing the lineup for Spring Weekend 2014–one that will draw attention to Brown student musicians.

BCA has pegged six student groups to play a Lineup Release Party this Tuesday at Whiskey Republic. At midnight, they will put a pause to the festivities to announce the lineup for Spring Weekend.

You could just wait for the Facebook flurry (and Blog coverage) from those who trek down the hill on Tuesday night, but here are six things you’d be missing out on:

Clyde Lawrence Band

Clyde Lawrence is a junior hailing from New York City. His infectious soul-infused pop has caught the attention of many Brown students, Providence locals and, according to comments on the video above, French people. He plays a lot of shows at Brown and in the Providence area, and they’re always a good time. Continue Reading

Students who do cool things: Clyde Lawrence ’15 welcomes back Emma (who?)

Clyde Lawrence ’15, the soulful musician behind “Wake Up” and a filthy cover of “Toxic” (really though), is at it again. This time, he’s debuting his soon-to-be-viral music video—take notes, BuzzFeed et al.—titled “Welcome Back Emma” right here on BlogDH.

Without giving too much away, it seems like a certain sophomore was really, really, really looking forward to a certain British actress’s return to Providence this January. The guy put together a super romantic dinner in the basement of Olney House (!!) and even feels a little bad that we made Emma cut her hair. We particularly like the idea of renaming the Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies after a Watson with a little more… name recognition. Maybe someone who has a bit more “magic” to her.

Clyde also has a new album out titled Homesick. You can check it out on Spotify or on his YouTube channel. “Emma,” you should check him out too.