A Tribute to Coach “Denny”

The Brown Varsity Women’s soccer team submitted a tribute for their recently deceased coach Denis Chartier to the BlogDH and the Herald.  Their poem, published as a letter to the editor, can be found in the Herald here.  We have posted the full text of it below.

We remember…

The candy—you made everything sweeter with the 1-pound bag of
jolly ranchers you brought to every game and practice.

Your attentiveness and sensitivity—how you would pull us aside to ask
what was wrong or give gentle but constructive criticism.

Your desire to make everyone’s life a little brighter—how you drove
your small silver Honda Fit to our field so that we could blast
Joyce’s remix to the beep test as we ran our fitness tests.

Your unconditional encouragement—you kept a positive attitude no matter what and
had a unique ability to make everyone around you feel special.   Continue Reading