Blind Bears: S and J’s Blind Date

blind bears

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about this little endeavor, did you?

Given the unexpected amount of time it takes to match up 150 of Brown’s finest single guys and gals, the inaugural Blind Bears date was only this past weekend – and it didn’t disappoint. J and S (who prefer to remain anonymous) seemed like a stellar match on paper. They’re both loyal, happy guys, and can be occasionally “sassy.”  S, who’s self-described as social but sometimes shy, was looking for someone “energetic, charismatic, and easy to talk to.” J fit the bill. The two had coffee together at Blue State last Sunday.

“I didn’t really have any expectations. I was just hoping to get to know somebody new…” -J

J: It’s been hard as a transfer. I knew if anything, [my date] would end up being a friendly face on campus.  I went in open-minded and excited. Continue Reading

Cafe Blend? Nope, it’s Bear Buzz


Interesting things are afoot within the V-Dub. If you’ve been by the coffee dispensers at any point within the past few weeks, you may have noticed that the familiar Cafe Blend has been replaced by an intriguing new variety, one that’s guaranteed to get all you Bears out there Buzzing with excitement (you know they thought long and hard about that one).

According to sources within Verney-Woolley, Bear Buzz possesses approximately the same amount of caffeine as Cafe Blend (the exciting ‘Buzz’ label notwithstanding) but contains a differing blend of Arabica and Colombian beans. We sent our resident coffee expert to get the final verdict on Bear Buzz’s quality: Continue Reading

Coffee alternatives for the sleepless Brunonian


You may be a coffee aficionado, or you may be the farthest thing from one, but if there’s one thing we all know it’s that the coffee scene on campus is booming. A walk to your 9 a.m. class wouldn’t be complete without seeing at least ten pallid-faced individuals clutching their coffee cup as tightly as Kate held Leo’s hand at the end of Titanic. Of course, these folks actually won’t let go, because utter calamity would ensue if they were to drop their life support caffeinated elixir. It’s hard out there for someone who doesn’t drink coffee or just isn’t that enamored of it. Long paper-writing nights become excruciating, and early mornings hurt more than missing Super Heavy Petting. After the break, we offer some alternatives to help you keep up with your restless lifestyle, you untamable beast you.

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Rosetta Stone: Here’s your Starbucks name


This is supposed to be “Paola.”

Ever notice how your cup at Starbucks has interesting phonetic variations of your name, but never quite the right one? Well I haven’t, because I don’t actually go to Starbucks. But Tumblr knows what you’re talking about. And so does Virginia. Ouch.

So why is this phenomenon so common at Starbucks? Well, maybe your barista actually has malicious intent, like this devil. Maybe you stuttered. Or, the most likely explanation: your name is just weird.

The solution to this serious problem appeared to me like a donut during finals period. If you provide your real name, you get a Starbucks-ified one on your cup. So if you tell your barista your Starbucks-ified name, they’ll mark down every Latin character of your name in beautiful black felt marker for all the world to behold! Flawless logic!

In any case, after tirelessly analyzing pictures of incorrectly-spelled names for many an hour, I have extracted the secret Starbucks name encoding algorithm and made it available to you — for free! You’ll never have to worry about some rando named “Berry” picking up the iced coffee for which you, Mary, waited so patiently. You need that overpriced caffeine to get you through finals, and you need it now, amirite? Check it out after the jump.

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A PSA about PCR

pcrWe know you’ve been missing something. It has been a long winter, and with the arrival of April comes warm weather iced coffee season. And if you’re a coffee fiend like me, you’re probably most definitely wondering, “What happened to that lovely golden yellow truck on George Street?” Yes, I’m talking about Providence Coffee Roasters. Much to my embarrassment, this is still the ONLY truck I’ve ever patronized in Providence (I should probably try Mama Kim’s before my freshman year is over). It’s almost like I’ve subconsciously boycotted ever other truck in homage to PCR. I’ve stalked its (quite kind) Twitter (its last post was on November 8th), called its  store, e-mailed Jevon, and still have yet to figure out WTF is happening on the Main Green. @Jevon Chan, if you see this, know  you are missed and loved by coffee addicts across campus.

Your brain on finals

Feeling overwhelmed by work? Need a pick-me-up? Don’t drink one of those disgusting 5- Hour Energy drinks, binge-eat Twinkies, or cry out in sorrow. Instead, calmly read this interview with Fiery Cushman — one Brown’s fantastic professors of Psychology — and learn about what you can do/are doing for your noggin in the coming weeks.Sarah Weiss: Does what I eat have an affect on my brain’s ability to study?

Professor Fiery Cushman: Actually it does.  The brain consumes a large proportion of the body’s energy, and several studies indicate that our investment in careful, effortful thought depends in part on the amount of available sugar in our blood.  When your blood is full of energy you work harder and longer on difficult problems, and are also better at exerting willpower and control over your behavior.But this doesn’t mean that your studying should be fueled by a steady stream of soda and twinkies.  That will buy you a short-term jump in blood sugar, but a long-term crash.  A smarter strategy is to fuel yourself for studying the way you would for a hike: using snacks like trail mix that provide a steady stream of fuel over a long period of time.