Brown gets buffer: 5 more ways to work exercise into your (cold) day-to-day life

"I'm a star!" "I'm a star!" "I'm a star!" "Why did I sign up for this?"

“I’m a star!” “I’m a star!” “I’m a star!” “Why did I sign up for this?”

As the days get shorter and colder, it’s harder to find the time or energy to run outside or even make the trek to the closest gym. Yet, it is more important now than ever to stay active and energized, to help fight off sickness or the desire to hibernate. Luckily, you don’t need to go far out of your way to fit a workout into your busy schedule. Here are 5 more ways to work a little exercise into your (cold) day-to-day life:

Exercise 1: Shivering
Reps: Until you show signs of hypothermia? Recommended: 20-min sets.
Where/when: On your way to class, in the middle of the night, anytime. In the SciLi/CIT wind tunnel for the hardcore gym rats.
Muscle groups exercised: Full body cardio.
How to do it: As you may have learned in AP or IB Bio, when your core temperature falls, the body compensates by shivering, increasing heat production by rapid contraction/relaxation of muscles. Capitalize on this heat mechanism by walking around outside naked or in your underwear. Your body will respond by shivering, kicking those excess calories to the curb.

Exercise 2: Cough crunches
Reps: Until you throw up or get tackled and led to Health Services. Suggested: 20 coughs per set.
Where/when: Anytime, anywhere, preferably on other people.
Muscle groups exercised: Abs.
How to do it: Ever notice how your abs hurt after a good coughing fit? Capitalize on this by coughing a lot to get a good ab workout in. Each cough equals a crunch. Cough specifically on other people. Ignore the glare they’ll probably give you. You’re getting swole, and they’re just jealous. Plus, it’ll almost certainly help them discover your effective new exercise technique for themselves!

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Blogify: Hibernation

hibernation bear

With 4:30 pm sunsets, the polar vortex in full swing,  and the official start of winter rapidly approaching, there’s no better way to brave the freezing weather than by crawling under your covers and settling in for a long winter’s nap. A great slumber is nothing without the perfect slumber playlist, so here’s BlogDH’s musical guide to hibernation.

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Pollerbears: It’s November, that means…


September faded into October, and Halloweek led us quickly into November. So now what? We’re here in the last full month of the fall semester, believe it or not, and are wondering how we got here or where we’re being taken. We turned the clocks back, it’s getting darker earlier, the temperatures are dropping, and finals are switfly approaching. Jeez, is there anything redeeming about November? We at BlogDH want to know, now that it’s November, what does that mean for you?

It's November, that means...

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Sextion: Avoiding the post-hookup cold


It’s getting late on a Friday night and you’re feeling lucky: whether you met dancing to that one song at a party or you matched on Brown Hookups, you’ve found the phe you’re hoping to take home tonight. Unfortunately, you have midterms, practice, and/or a life to get to next week and catching a cold is really not an option. Resources like the Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG) are here to make sure you’re fully protected from the more important stuff, but BlogDH is here with some ways to avoid the cough/congestion/headache everyone seems to be getting on Tuesday.

First, let’s quickly clear a few things up: There seems to be some debate as to whether or not you can catch a cold from kissing (pro). Unfortunately,  it can be transferred through just about everything else: their pillow, breath, etc. (con).

People are also most contagious before they show symptoms, so even if there are no tissues on the dresser you should still follow these tips:

1. Get your flu shot: If you missed getting one in Faunce, it’s not too late. Head to Health Services or to CVS for one of the quickest and easiest ways to protect yourself this season. Get that special someone to come with you and hold your hand in the case of fear of needles.

2. Hydrate up: The thirst is real. You’re going to be sweating off some electrolytes, and just like with any workout, you’re going to need to replenish them. Not to mention that drinking plenty of liquids is the best way to ward off congestion.

3. Take a hot shower: Showering after a hookup is always a good idea. The hotter the water, the better for getting clean. Bonus if you invite your partner to shower with you.

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FlogDailyHerald: A breakup letter to winter


I wasn’t going to write this. We’re not on speaking terms right now and I know that. But my therapist says it’s important for me to say what I feel. Maybe it was sometime after falling on my ass for the fourth time on your sleet/slush/ice pathways of doom and misery. Maybe it was after having hands so dry I’m starting to think I may be of reptilian ancestry. Maybe it was after being forced to wear so many layers of clothes I’ve forgotten what my skin looks like (although when I catch a glimpse of it, I look like Casper the friendly ghost’s CRANKY FUCKING BROTHER). Somewhere in there, I decided to end my silence and just say write you this letter: Winter, we’re through.

I know you think we’ve had good times, but I want you to know you’re wrong. To what exactly are you referring? Skiing? Cute, Winter, real cute. I know you’re SUPER into jumping off of mountains when it’s freezing while your feet are in plastic cages that are permanently glued to two enormous sticks that are impossible to walk in, but I want you to know it’s dumb. Skiing is dumb. I’m not saying if you like skiing that you’re dumb, but I am thinking it.

What? Snowball fights? Yeah, good times. I love that delightful stinging sensation around my wrists and ankles where my skinny bones crackle with fury that some dick thinks ice is fun to throw. Oh! Yeah! Snowmen. What memories! I love it when I spend hours working on something that disappears the second the water decides it wants to be water again.

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Ways to get hyped for Sochi 2014, even if you hate sports

"So mysterious to meeeeee"

“So mysterious to meeeeee”

It feels like just yesterday that Ryan Lochte and his grill swam their way into our hearts, but, it’s time once again to rally around a new pantheon of athletic demigods. Sochi 2014 has been a long time coming, and, unless you have been living adrift on an ice flow, you have been hearing about the trials and tribulations leading up to this round of winter games.

There are a lot of us who don’t necessarily relate to the Olympics. The peak of our athletic careers consisted of four days in middle school when we were really excited about Wii Fit. We watch the Parade of Nations…for the fashion. The only thing we really remember about London 2012 is Tom Daley’s abs. Trust me; I get it. However, the Olympics are about more than just sports – they are about all sorts of things that Brown students love, like multiculturalism, community, and being really cold all the time. If you are someone who doesn’t like sports, here are a few ways that you can stay up-to-date and get into the Sochi spirit. Continue Reading