Crash course on dining next door at RISD

I had heard of the Blue Room before, but in about the same capacity that I’d heard of Blue Beard. Or Black Beard for that matter. It was something that had been mentioned once or twice in passing; most people didn’t know where it was or how to get there. It was Narnia and dual degree students seemed to be the only ones who knew how to climb through the wardrobe  find it.

It wasn’t until my third year at RISD that I realized it was right in front of me the whole time. There it was, right on the way to Thayer. It wasn’t very blue, but it sold red velvet cupcakes the size of small children, so I was happy. A new place to spend all my income on pastries so close to studio, the Blue Room was a pleasant surprise. But I was a little shocked that it had taken me so long to realize it even existed, and that non-Brown students could go. Then it occurred to me: if I know so little about navigating the Brown greens after three years of living across the street, chances are there are probably a few Brown students who know just as little about RISD. Providence is small community, and yet Brown and RISD, while close in physical proximity, can feel so separate and far away from one another. Food could be a good way to bridge that gap. Because honestly, whats more compelling than a well-made sandwich?

Consider this course in your shopping schedule: a crash course on RISD dining. If you’re looking to return to Providence in the new year with some new places to eat, you probably will find that this course will provide you with invaluable information.  Continue Reading

The Anti-Slump: An Introduction

The wise sage Jason Mraz once said, “The sophomore slump is an uphill battle.” Sure, it may seem that way, but we’re here to make that hill a little less daunting. Introducing The Anti-Slump, a new series that gives you the motivation to win that uphill battle. So flock to us whenever you feel the slump creeping up on you — we’ll be here every other week with another helpful piece of guidance or generally inspirational tid-bits to help you shake up your sophomore year.

The myth of the sophomore slump is real. But it doesn’t have to be. Sophomore year is a time when academics get more serious, things get familiar enough for you to breathe, and a lowly second-year realizes how much of Brown there is left to discover. But sophomore year is all about motivating yourself — and that’s where we come in — because there’s no one else that’s going to force you to. At this stage in the game there are no Meikeljohns, First-Year Seminars or unit meetings, but there are still so many questions left unanswered.

To start you off, here is a lil bucket list that we have compiled, which will help us motivate ourselves, too. We’re setting the bar high and so should you! It’s all about keeping up the ambition. Check it out after the jump.

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Sans Meal Plan: You’ve Got Company!

One of the liberties of being off meal plan that I (perhaps too often) indulge in is the ability to eat off campus. And, though Thayer does offer Brunonia a surprisingly eclectic and delicious range of restaurant choices (late-night or otherwise), it can get tiresome eating the same thing over and over again. Many visitors to Providence don’t realize the sheer number of superb restaurants in the area and are utterly surprised by the choices available. This weekend, a good friend from home is staying with me while on the pursuit of being a successful person (a.k.a. Brown Med School interview), and I want to take this time to both selfishly indulge in many of the restaurants within a walkable radius and show off Providence to someone who has never experienced her in all her glory.

Granted, there will probably be at least one meal eaten on Thayer (Meeting Street cookies? Late night Baja’s? Nice Slice for someone who doesn’t have much experience with New York style thin-crust pizza?), but I’m on a mission to talk-up Providence and its coolness factor. (I’ll downplay the rain a bit. And the masturbators.) So, where does one take a guest who has yet to experience the 401 and is on a student budget?  My plan is to start by interrogating him before each meal to figure out what kind of food he wants. Indian? Mediterranean? Italian? Asian fusion? Continue Reading

Students who do cool things: Grant Gurtin ’13, Creator of

Tired of scrolling through the endless announcements of Brown Morning Mail? Looking for a better place to find out what’s happening on College Hill?  Well, Grant Gurtin ‘13, a San Diego native and the creator of the upcoming, may have a solution for you. His website, which launches this Wednesday at 8:00pm, hopes to become the cozy and reliable home(page) for Brown and RISD students. Read the exclusive interview with Grant after the jump! Continue Reading

A Thousand Words: College Hill, past and present

The Herald examines Brown’s multifaceted relationship with the city it calls home in its five-part Town/Brown series. Click here to visit the series page with articles, maps and multimedia at

Today, the University sprawls over most of College Hill. But since it cleared 51 houses to build Wriston Quad, growth has brought controversy when Brown’s boundaries have blurred. Here’s a look at the transformation of the neighborhood around Brown’s campus. Read the full article.

1926: Hegeman Hall is built on the corner of Thayer and George, where a row of townhouses formerly stood.

1926: Hegeman Hall is built on the corner of Thayer and George, where a row of townhouses formerly stood.

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