Sixth Man: Meet your CollegeInsider.Com tournament field!

I guess Jeremy Lin played in this tournament one time when he went to Harvard

Jeremy Lin played in this tournament one time when he went to Harvard

It’s March! It’s Madness! The sportiest of Brown students might know that yesterday was Selection Sunday, when the 68-team field was set for the annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Yeah, yeah—YAWN. The real bracket came out hours before. That was the mothafuzzin’ COLLEGEINSIDER.COM TOURNAMENT bracket, featuring your very own Brown University Bears!

There’s actually a pretty decent chance you’ve heard about this game, because the athletic department has been bombarding the student body with emails about it as if there were a Beyoncé concert taking place on the Main Green, when in fact it’s actually a first-round game of the fourth-most important postseason college basketball tournament. Nonetheless, it happened, and Brown is in it. And because we know you’re already at Pizzitola for the free food from Spats and Paragon (!) and exciting basketball (…) and want to know how Brown stacks up, here is a breakdown of the entire 32-team CIT field. Note: CIT is what tournament insiders call the Tournament, not a popular workspace for Computer Science concentrators.

BROWN: Popularly known as the “kill squad” in college basketball circles, some experts forecasted a 28-0 season from the Bears before a few tight games tripped them up on their way to a solid 15-13 finish. Widely acknowledged as the overwhelming CIT favorites.

HOLY CROSS: Brown’s first-round opponents, Holy Cross are nicknamed the Crusaders and finished 19-13. They played a game against UNH in November that was broadcast on the Live Well Network, which is kind of funny.

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Nutellagate (yes, it’s a thing)


Today in news you didn’t know could make news: Nutella theft at Columbia University has reached catastrophic highs. Since Nutella became a regular amenity in Ferris Booth Commons (like the Sharpe Refectory, but with more affectation), Dining Services weekly costs have supposedly jumped up by thousands of dollars. Yes, the simple and addictive chocolate-hazelnut spread was disappearing at a rate of about 100 pounds per week (i.e. the amount of weight one could feasibly put on by downing tubs of Nutella regularly). The New York Times claims that these numbers are up for debate, but maintains that students fear that their spread hoarding will limit future improvements in dining services. Colleges have a tendency to make the trivial monumental within the microcosm of campus news, but now the Times has been sucked into a story that has essentially zero connection to Columbia’s Morningside Heights neighborhood, let alone the NY metropolitan area. I guess the relevance is that this whole ordeal makes a good case for Nutella’s drug-like qualities. Nevertheless, I believe this kind of gluttonous thievery would never occur at Brown — could you imagine the look on Gail’s face? Of course you can (see far right).

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To catch an impostor

It could happen here too.

So a 20-year-old was arrested for pretending to be a Columbia University student. Since Columbia needed 9 months to catch this phony undergrad, and we do go to Brown, the Blog figured we’d give the student body a handy guide to identify any would be Brunonian impostor after the jump:

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Banned band not banned

We might have lost to Columbia today, but our band still wins in creativity, wit and the ability to draw phallic imagery on the field.

After shooting themselves in the foot ridiculing their own team, the Columbia University Marching Band (CUMB, yes, really, CUMB) was barred from performing in their game against Brown yesterday. The offending lyrics were sung after a 62-41 against Cornell.

(As a side note, the parody wasn’t even funny. Really? The best you’ve got is “We always lose, lose, lose; by a lot, and sometimes by a little”?)

However, after applications of the First Amendment that made our Founding Fathers repeatedly facepalm in their graves, the band was allowed to perform again in yesterday’s game.

Oh yeah, and then there was a football game itself. We lost, 35-28 in double overtime.

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“Operation Ivy League”

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What a week our fellow Ivy Columbia is having…

Multiple news sources are reporting that the NYPD have arrested 5 Columbia students for dealing drugs as the conclusion of a 5-month long investigation dubbed “Operation Ivy League.”

For complete details and continuing coverage of the situation, be sure to check out Columbia’s student run blog, Blog Daily Columbia BWOG.

Life, Liberty and Don’t You Dare Pursue Wikileaks

A couple days ago, New York Times blog The Lede posted an e-mail from Columbia’s Office of Career Services to the student body. The memo reported that an alum of the university’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), currently employed by the State Department, called the office with a message to prospective government employees replete with so much quasi-totalitarian repression it could put a smile on Joseph McCarthy’s long-deceased face: don’t share WikiLeaks documents on social networking websites because it reflects one’s poor “ability to deal with confidential information.” The full text and the letter’s dire implications after the jump.   Continue Reading