Blogify: Back 2 Skool Playlist

There’s a reason Spring Weekend is everyone’s favorite time at Brown–and no, it’s not green. Brown students love good music. Brown students also love sharing good music with each other. And the overdramatic middle schooler in all of us still thinks our lives merit a soundtrack chock full of uplifting indie anthems, songs with a lot of oohs and aahs, etc. etc. Introducing…Blogify! [Ed.: Get it? It’s like Spotify.]

Blogify is a biweekly playlist curated by Blog writers and editors and, pretty soon, by you. The playlists will (hopefully!) be in rhythm (I couldn’t help myself) with what’s going on in Brunonia. In the days leading up to Spring Weekend, we’ll have a Spring Weekend playlist; when it’s around midterms or finals, we’ll make another study playlist… you get the point.

Without further ado, we present the first playlist: Back 2 Skool. The next playlist’s theme? “In the Groove.” Comment below or email us with song suggestions and enjoy listening!

PollerBears: Back to school edition


The new school year is upon us! What excites you most about returning to Brown?

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The little things about coming back to Brown

It’s easy to explain why coming home for Thanksgiving is nice. We don’t have to wear flip flops in the shower. We get to be pampered by — and maybe get in some uncomfortable conversations with — our relatives, all while gorging on really tasty non-Ratty food. We have an excuse to buy non-Natty beer and non-Karkov vodka. You get the picture; there are some creature comforts we would only ever get at home. Having now returned from my break, however, it amazes me what little things we don’t appreciate about Brown while we’re away, like:

1. Never having to worry about what/where to eat for dinner. I guess this goes away for people who are off meal plan, but there is something comforting in stumbling into the Ratty or V-Dub and just gorging yourself on whatever’s there. Sure, Montreal/Jamaican Jerk/Italian grilled chicken might get old, but cajun chicken pasta doesn’t.

2. A totally awesome police force. In what normal place on earth are you able to get away with blazing in broad daylight on the Main Green, streaking to celebrate President Obama’s reelection — that totally actually happened — and climbing roofs of various buildings? In the real world, you can get arrested and thrown in jail for those kinds of moves, you know.

3. No driving! I know many students hold their car and their dog in similar esteem and miss them just about the same amount while here, but Brown’s pedestrian- and eco-friendly culture is definitely less stressful (not to mention less expensive).

4. We anonymously compliment our friends. And no one is weirded out by it! Continue Reading