How to Win Long-Lasting Life Connections and Influence People provides college students with a freelance market for their future.

When one hears “Pangea,” the hundreds-of-millions-years-old supercontinent is usually what comes to mind. But now, there’s a new Pangea in Providence — and instead of connecting land masses, it’s an app connecting students with their community. was an idea conceived three years ago as a marketplace specifically designed to give students the opportunity to use their skillsets by offering freelance services and fulfilling requests by other students and members of the greater Providence community. After a beta version launched last October, a team of ten students from Brown, RISD, and Johnson & Wales came together to redevelop, rebuild, and rebrand the app, culminating in a relaunch this September with the new and improved

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Charlie “Brown”ing: Existential concerns upon returning from abroad

charlie brown

Ok, so you were abroad last semester, and you’re a little confused. It’s not that you weren’t excited to come back — in fact, you couldn’t wait to eat your first spicy with in over half a year and hug it out with friends who understand lingo like “You do you” and “OMAC.” It’s just that things seem different. When you had your first “spicy with” of the semester, your stomach was NOT happy afterwards — devastatingly, you’d lost your immunity to Jo’s food. Worse, you feel disconnected from some of your friends, and hardly anyone says “You do you” anymore.  You can’t help but feel like Charlie Brown moping around and asking questions about everything that feels different, weird, and new.

But the worst thing of all, the biggest challenge you’ve faced, came at you when you braved the deep dark depths of the Ratty. You were at a little joint called the Ivy Room for a late-night smoothie, and what happened when you went to put the straw in the cup? It bounced right back at you. The caps don’t have holes. What kind of sick person planned that?

Wait a minute. This Ivy Room debacle has nothing to do with your time abroad. Your friend is also horrified by it, and she was here last semester. Maybe you’re not so alone after all. Let’s face it: this concern with belonging to a community is pretty much universal, and it’s something you’ve been dealing with since middle school, when Lucinda wouldn’t let you sit at her lunch table. It’s something pretty much all of us have dealt with at some point. And a big part of belonging, of the Brown identity, seems to be related to contentedness in being here. If you’re at Brown but you don’t feel as content as everyone else in being at Brown, you might feel alienated. Then you get to those questions bigger than “Why don’t the caps have holes?” You ask, “Why isn’t everything fitting just right? Why don’t I fit just right? Why can’t I achieve the ultimate mellow of those people playing Frisbee on the quad?”

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UCS open forum on mental health


In response to the loss of a community member this Tuesday, UCS hosted an open conversation in Faunce last night, accompanied by two student representatives from the Mental Health Community Council. The main conversation topics were announced at the meeting’s start: In the wake of this suicide, what needs to be done immediately, and what can be done in the long term future, so that all community members feel safe and cared-for?

Students at the meeting said they wanted to talk about what had happened in their classes, and expressed satisfaction with the conversations their professors had facilitated in smaller courses. Other students were upset that their professors hadn’t mentioned anything. One person proposed that the administration email tips or guidelines to professors on how to breach this topic with their students. Notably, there was widespread dissatisfaction with the decision to uphold the no make-up policy for the Orgo midterm, which also happened last night.

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The Netflix Files: December 8, 2011

Everyone in the whole world agrees that Arrested Development was a brilliant show cancelled before its time. Those very same people are now up in arms about the fate of Community, which was recently put on hiatus midseason by NBC.

Vulture takes a rational look at the announcement and deduces that there’s a 70-30 chance that the show will see a Season 4. But if it does, will we demand that an even unlikelier Season 5 come next year (or, more accurately, six-seasons-and-a-movie)? Don’t get me wrong, I think Community is one of the funniest, smartest, bestest comedies on television, but when the study group graduates, where do they go next? Do they resort to teaching, like Dr. Cox and Turk in that last season of Scrubs we’d all like to pretend doesn’t exist? Does Ed Helms eventually take over and pretend no one notices that he’s pulling the exact same schtick as the last guy? Will anyone still give a fuck who the mother is?

I’m firmly in the camp that Community should be granted the four years necessary for a Greenvale diploma, but after that it might be time to call it quits. A show overextending its welcome is far worse than being prematurely cancelled. The entire basis of Community, as showrunner Dan Harmon conceived of it, warrants four years and nothing more (except maybe an awesome post-series movie).

Party Down (2009-2010) is widely considered another brilliant-show-cancelled-before-its-time. It aired on Starz, where it received almost no attention, and it’s known mainly for featuring a pre-Glee Jane Lynch, who ditched the show when Fox came calling. It follows the antics of a catering crew that works various absurd events, ranging from Pepper McMasters Single Seminar to the Stennheiser-Pong Wedding Reception. Party Down was smart, witty and endearing – it also ends on the perfect note, after two seasons and twenty episodes total. Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: November 15th, 2011

In honor of Camp, the much anticipated first label release by Community star Donald Glover’s rap alter ego Childish Gambino, dropping today, we thought it would be fun to rewind 5 years to the heyday of Glover’s old comedy group, Derrick Comedy.  Check out “Drunk Baby” above and a bunch of our other favorites after the jump. Continue Reading