PW presents Company: “I’d like to propose a toast…”

“It’s the little things you do together, that make perfect relationships,” sings Alexis Shusterman ’13 as the jaded and boozy Joanne, and though she’s crooning sarcastically about the creeping and crippling frustrations of marriage, she might as well be referring to the fascinating relationships among the characters in PW’s production of Company premiering tonight in the Downspace.

Relationships stand at the center of this swanky metropolitan 1970s musical, and the care with which each actor has taken in crafting his/her character and creating the unique and captivating relationships with every member of the cast pulls the audience in from the moment the lights go up.

With brides conflicted about an impending wedding, housewives contemplating the philosophy of marriage while smoking pot, flight attendents grappling with one-night stands, or a young man facing a life of perpetual bachelor-dom, Company is jam-packed with complex mature relationships expertly acted by the ensemble cast. Continue Reading